my cool turn based combat game*battle system almost done*

If people like the demo ill make evolutions,(most likely) buy indie ,add more sights(monsters/pokemon)start a dev team(maybe?),maybe a youtube channle devlog?heres the demo let mw know if i should continue this,big shoutout to @TinkerSmith and another to @RageDayz and finally time to pay respects to:@meburningslime @“Mushroom Productions” you will be missed(funeral music plays in back ground)

The art for the pokemon is amazing which is nice to see.
I can’t believe you have found a way to make scripted battles.
I would love to see you continue this.
Wishing you the best of luck!
Piece of advice work on the key mechanics first.

@16batemangibneycha yeah I just had to get a small demo to know what I was doing,abd thank you for the feedback.Im working on abilities and some others things to ramp up the difficulty, like if a monster dies in battle they have 5 minutes until there dead forever,this is to make the player think twice before a move to insure monsters dont die. glad that you like the art the concept for the starter was drawn when I was seven

p.s most of the concepts for the mosters was drawn by me a long time ago

It didn’t load for me, and yes I reloaded multiple times.

Though thanks for the shoutout lol. Glad to help. Also I have some things to say about joining a dev team. (I’ll DM you.)

Ill check out the problems you had hold on…

Hiya @glithctyrus :slight_smile:

Thx for the Shoutout. Loaded the game, but not quite sure what to do on the battle screen?


Forgive me, but maybe my coffee levels are not hig enough yet, LOL. Just 8am here.

Otherwise, LOVE the gfx and LOVE the idea of a Pokemon clone.

@RageDayz I fixed it it should be working now(it was never broken forgot levle 1 was a blank levle now you sta at a choose your monster screen

@TinkerSmith right now all starters are broken exept the fire starter im fixing the others right now…

Okay I’m trying it right now…

It’s cool, I can’t wait to see it expand.

the grass starter has a move that can inflict the first status effect in the game: bleeding,I do plan on adding burning,maybe drowning also now all starters(should)are playable so yeah ima go work on levlenig up and evolution

all bug fixes(known) have been fixed so that means its now pretty clear what to do on the battle screen @TinkerSmith

Nice @glithctyrus :slight_smile:
Looking great and I hope you continue it.
Are you planning on a mobile version too? Would love touch controls so that I can play it on my phone too.
Could be either on screen buttons as some of the examples show, or by clicking on certain screen areas as other games do (North part of screen, etc.) … only possible if the mouse click event is not used for other purposes for sure.

Keep up the good work

thank I probably will make it mobile compatible thanks for the feedback @TinkerSmith stay home and stay safe

Reminds me @glithctyrus got a 8 way movement control example here:

Works by either using the cursor keys as usual, or by clicking the NSEW areas of the screen. Made it for a project where I didn’t want additional control items obstructing the screen.

Just an example :slight_smile:

Otherwise, WEEKEND FOR ME. Nearly lunchtime and it is a nice and sunny day here in Auckland.

thanks ill add it right away @Tinkersmith

Thanks to @TinkerSmith Ive added mobile controls by touching sides of the screen(right,left,up,down,vertical right (up),vertical left(up),vertical right (down),vertical left(down))

COOL @glithctyrus :slight_smile: YEAH, I CAN PLAY IT ON MY PHONE

Didn’t expect you use it, was just a suggestion, but I’m glad you did.
In that case, here some details about the module:
The ‘dead zone’ in the bundle defines an area in the middle of the screen where the mouse touch is ignored. Without it it just gets to fidgety with clicks close to the center.

Also, the bundle uses the center of the screen as a reference to identify the click area, so it has to be adjusted to the screen size. My example was 11x11, yours is 12x12, so you probably didn’t even notice.
But normally it is adjusted here:

So for a 12x12 screen like yours it’s 12x32(pixels)=384, divided by 2 = 192
I also highlighted the areas where you can change the velocity numbers.

Questions, just ask

Is there a way i can add up,right,left,and down animations? @TinkerSmith