my cool turn based combat game*battle system almost done*

The buttons? You set Button size to fixed. Like 60x24, because if you use border it adds up. Text size maybe 12.


Then you get something like this @glithctyrus

thank @TinkerSmith

No worries. This slowly turns into a public game development thread, lol :slight_smile:

Good night from my end

see ya @TinkerSmith

hey slappers I plan on doing some type of live event involving a grave and this code:189913

the event will take place tomorrow at 2:30 pm to celebrate all the amazing feedback ive gotten about this game and remember to stay home and stay safe

sorry the live event hase been delayed shortly

Ok @glithctyrus , did some simple switching.
Don’t ask me to implement it into your code, LOL, the workflow gave me a headache :slight_smile:
So I threw together a quick sample, needs a lot of work.
But I don’t have much time today, it’s Sunday & Family time.

Switch will grab the next Sightling in line, you can replace it with a random function for sure. The spawn animation is not that impressive, but as said didn’t have much time. You can bend and twist it to your liking, see it as a starting point.

You will notice that I did not destroy the battle controller as you did, I just turned it invisible and left it where it is. Needed it for the spawn.

Hope it helps, Cheers

P.S. in case your are wondering why there is a useless (A+B) equation in the spawn. First I wanted to extract the X position and use the Ease to slide it in (Ease-> A, X position ->B) but as said, I run out of time.

thanks @TinkerSmith

@16batemangibneycha Im almost done polishing the battle system could you check it out?

@16batemangibneycha Im almost done polishing the battle system could you check it out?

It looks great!!! :smiley:
Easy to Read - this was a bit of a problem when you first made it
Very Good foundation
The Aura look awesome and it’s a creative solution to get around doing complex attack animations.

At the moment I don’t really see any necessary changes to do. But you might want to add more detail later on
Polishes ( none of these are necessary and should probably be done later ) :
Idle animations they can be really simple and maybe every so often they could do a special one like a trick. What that would do is it would add more personality to the characters.
Giving the button animations, maybe when you press one bubbles might float up, a flame, or leaves rustling.
Victory animations they could strike a pose
Please don’t do all of these cause doing them all would take forever

Other positive things!!!
MUSIC it’s very intense
I like the new way to fight enemies maybe trainers could chase you? also could you put down some enemies from the creator before the game stars. You could also make it so enemies in a certain proximity to one another don’t spawn ( this is just nitpicking)
Choosing the starters WOW!!! IT’S SO GOOD I don’t know how you did it but it looks amazing.
Lastly - and in my opinion the strongest part of the game is the pokemon designs. They look great especially the water one.
Little things I like lots of the design choices you made such as pokemon only grow stronger through evolution a perk of that is it forces strategy on the player they can’t just make one of there pokemon really strong.
Keep up the good work!! ( if you want help on anything that isn’t stupidly complicated feel free to ask me)

well done! I tried to make a similar turn based mechanic in Weenie’s Revenge, but never got this far.
(a link for the curious, but I don’t even know if this game will load any more: ) Arrows to move. 1 to interact/fight.

@16batemangibneycha the thinks I think ill add is trainers chasing you and sights(pokemon)being destroyed in a certain proximity and victory animations sound amazing

Nice to hear :slight_smile:

new update who attacks first is now determined by the speed stat so(polena got noobed :frowning: )