Need help on my game "White and black"

What should I add?? or any cool game code?

My game link: Flowlab Game Creator - White and black


Maybe… a more original platformer?

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A better movement system too. Don’t make the mistake of relying on bugs for level progression.

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Hello @MisticGoat

Please fix minor spelling errors.


Sure thing. I got ya

New update to White and black:

In this update:

  1. Added descrition
  2. fixed a little bugs
  3. New level
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:nerd:. Don’t discourage an artist from creating their vision.

AklenGoatJr, if you have a creative vision that utilizes things that would normally be bugs, don’t be afraid to try it. Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, does this too. Creepers wouldn’t exist without using bugs to create features.

If this doesn’t work however, feel free to make a better movement system. Bugs may have worked for me sometimes, but they don’t work for me all the time.

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Thanks for the motivation!
this helps me alot as a game creator.

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The Creeper wasn’t a bug. It was an accidental model flip.

You’re welcome!

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make it so that when ever you lose you don’t restart because the title screen sounds can be… surprising for people using headphones and annoying because you have too restart? and also can you add a Fullscreen mode so that I don’t have to squint even while using a large screen? and also wall jumping is too hard so I got stuck and I did not want to cheat.

Might want to check on the date of the discussion before posting. Since this discussion’s last post was almost a year ago.

oh the last post was 10 months ago neat.(now the last post from this was 3 minutes ago)