Need help with naturally generated terrain. and caves

please help and tell me how to make terrain gen.

That’s really unspecific.

i can’t just explain something as complex and unspecific as that, so


i need help with a 2d minecraft

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This would require some pretty complex coding (Maybe), I could figure out how to code it, but it would be hard to explain it. And even if I did make a system it would need to fit yours. Here is a random terrain generator though by Cailem02 - Random World Example (It does not include caves)

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If you link the game I could look at the game and give you some ideas. Before I look at the game, the first thing that comes to mind is to spawn an object (Better if it is larger than 32x32) and give it a chance to spawn itself (Not too large because you need to make sure it stops). Where it spawns you delete the ground.

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here it is

What I mentioned above should work well for this

For the caves just have it spawn “air”

That would spawn in random spots though and not creates large chains of open space.

yeah realized that after I posted it XD


might have to mess around with it @Vaprzz


ok thx for the idea11

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help guys its broken i got it to work kinda

link is HERE Flowlab Game Creator - Minecraft (but 2d)

help guys hellooooo?

I think @JR01 or somebody has a tile mapping example

I have a simpler tilemap system in my checkpoint example,
I’ll need to make a full example later for the easier verions later.
Flowlab Game Creator - Advance Checkpoint

Here’s the post for advance tilemaps, it alows for more complex tilemap structures
but is a bit more complex to set up:
Tile Map System - JR 01

nope didnt work so maybe something else?

What I suggested should work fine