Need help with naturally generated terrain. and caves

yeah realized that after I posted it XD


might have to mess around with it @Vaprzz


ok thx for the idea11

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help guys its broken i got it to work kinda

link is HERE Flowlab Game Creator - Minecraft (but 2d)

help guys hellooooo?

I think @JR01 or somebody has a tile mapping example

I have a simpler tilemap system in my checkpoint example,
I’ll need to make a full example later for the easier verions later.
Flowlab Game Creator - Advance Checkpoint

Here’s the post for advance tilemaps, it alows for more complex tilemap structures
but is a bit more complex to set up:
Tile Map System - JR 01

nope didnt work so maybe something else?

What I suggested should work fine

its just stoping for some reason

and theres invisable blocks

Idk what the invisible blocks are. The reason it’s stopping is that you need to increase the number in the code that says something like “The number of blocks generated x10” or something like that

yeah it said like change this to 16 and i cant remember the rest

what did what say?

upgraded graphics but its still broken please help fix or find the problem

guys the terrain is still not working

Look at the example again to try to figure it out. Also, make sure to credit @Cailem02 because you’re using his code and sprites

not sprites but yes im using most of his code

i found the sprites on google