NEVER MIND - Another feature I didn't know existed


So, as I was trying to find ways to enhance my game, I tried to think of a way to make the base block play an animation for the main menu, which was level 1.


A new behavior that is categorized with the triggers.

How it would work:

(I made this on google slide. Apologies if it looks unofficial, lol.)

Anyways, 80% of the request it in the image, thanks for reading.

To the Community:

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Oooohh. I’m an idiot.


no your not :expressionless: you just did not know


The outputs are literally just out and out. How was I supposed to know?

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not know

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Thanks. Does the Level select behavior need any level selected? Oh, nope. Ok, thanks once again.

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If you click on the behavior you can click the “Help” button and it will explain it all. When I first started Flowlab nearly 2 years ago (1y 9.5m) I read the Behavior handbook about 3 times and always had it open in a second tab for about 2 months. Learning how all the behaviors work is a crazy fast way to learn, even if you don’t know how to do something, knowing the general direction of how to do it is the first step to getting there.


Thats how I learned too, it really is a great resource


I never read the help thingy, LOL. I just try to figure it out on myself, XD.

Trust me, going through that is crazy useful. At 4 months into Flowlab I was better than a lot of people using Flowlab for over a year. I did put a ton of time into Flowlab though and I made sure to practice properly. I guess you could say I had natural talent, but I attribute my rapid growth more to an actual passion for learning and committing a lot time to learn Flowlab properly.