New Ease/Interpolation Behavior!

(This is an old post. You can check the newest bundle here: New Ease Bundle! - JR 01 - Examples & Tutorials - Flowlab Community)

Hi everyone! We just created a new Ease behavior (it’s a bundle)!

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Link: Flowlab Game Creator - New Ease Bundle (previous)

Created by @PixelPizza, @CrimsonBlackGames, and @JR01


This bundle has a few more features than the regular Ease behavior:


  • From: The starting value
  • To: The ending value
  • Speed: Determines how long it takes to complete the transition from the start to end values (speed 5 = 20.0 duration on the regular Ease behavior).
  • Stop: Completly stops the Ease interpolation.

And you can update any value while the game is running!


  • Out: A newly calculated value is sent to this output every frame until the " To" value is reached
  • Done: This is activated when the easing has completed, and the To value has been reached

(Documentation based on the “Flowlab User guide: Ease behavior”)

Feel free to add this bundle to your menu, and use it whenever you want it :smiley:

We will probably add more curves/interpolation modes in the future.

This was based on this feature request on the Flowlab Trello:

Other "Advanced/Secret" features:

• This bundle works as a “Completion Bar”, it goes from 0% to 100%. Therefore it’s possible to extract which number would output at 25%, 50%, 60%, etc.


• You can change the filter from “greater than 100” to “greater than 200”, making it go back and forth (interpolation: to-from-to).
You can use this to animate a smooth hovering animation or a smooth Alpha animation.


Glad I could help on the technical/mathematical side

We plan to add a bit more to it later, but this version can do any ease with the right equations.

That is awesome, finally! I can do intros so much faster now.

Also, we need a bundle for Top-Down movement, I know their easy to make, but making a really decent ( and bug free) is a bit time consuming. I actually have been wanting a Top Down bundle for quite some time now since Most of my games are top-down based. Just an idea though.

@ManiacPumpkin, what do you mean bug free?
Top-Down shouldn’t be too hard to make, look at the movement in this example:

Well, I meant to say animation wise. Me big dumb and forgot to say anything about animations. I know Top-down movement is easy to add, but right when you make a game, it’s nice to know that there is a bundle right there for you. There is a behavior bundle for a plat-former game, so I figured so not one for a top-down. All of this isn’t much of a necessary request though, just something I would think be cool. Plus it would give new game devs a chance to play around with it.

@ManiacPumpkin, I recommend making a separate bundle for the animations and code them separately from the movement code. I did that in Rewind and its way more cleaner.

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@JR01 okay, thanks.