New Flowlab Challenge!

Hello, I have a challenge just for fun on a new concept I founded.
SCP-1230 is a hardcover book with the first page reading; “A Hero is Born.” When you read this page, you will then have a dream the next night of you in your own imaginary world that is made just for you. The fantasy world varies on how you like it. However, there is always one side character: The Bookeeper. He is an old man with a gray hat and greenish-pale-gray robes that is the incarnation of the book. He controls the world, is sentient and aware of the book’s surroundings, and can help make the journey a perfect one for you, filled with action.
The challenge is to make 1230. Here is how the entries will be rated (1-10/10):
1: Accuracy To The SCP
2: Customization To The User
3: Graphics
4: Gameplay/Enjoyability
5: Bookeeper
Feel free to submit whatever is related! Just tell me first before you start your build so I know who and when it is competing.
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Wait we have to make a book? Or a world? I am a bit confused… I googled “1230 SCP” and it came with the bookmaster and the book. What do we have to do in flowlab @meburningslime ?

@“The Kodex” Everything at best, just the book and dreams at minimum.

So do we make our interpretation of how this would play out?

Your goal is to make it customizable to the player if possible, if not then yes.

I guess Ill be competing then! When is the challenge over?


That sounds like a mega project, out of my available time frame, but I’m looking forward to see what comes up.

Oh! @meburningslime I read the link and I think I get it! Make a game based on the dresm! Got it! WHen is it over? I will try to do it if I have time.

I’m thinking of participating too

I am giving until my birthday.
I won’t tell you when that is…
Ok yeah I was just wanting to make it interesting. Here’s a hint: it’s over 2 months away.

Alright, this is intriguing. I’m in. When is the start date to this challenge? Or has it already started?

I might try this. Im not sure I fully understand but we are making a game about this book, yah?

@F3Art read the link for more info, but basically it’s a book with only one page written. Whoever reads that book will basically have a matrixy dream that’s controlled by the Bookkeeper. Henis good and just tries to make you happy, but you have to open the book for you to have the dream. BTW It’s a lucid dream.

UGGHHH!! I think I was too ambitious. Welp :astonished:

im sorry I really don’t think this challenge is for me but I can’t wait to see every one results @meburningslime

@GrimstoneInc :frowning:

I finally read the article about SCP-1230 and now I have a pretty good idea of how my game will work. I’ll try to work on this SCP-1230 game as much as possible in order to get the game completed before the competition deadline. Wish me luck!

Unfortunately my schedule has filled up and I may not be able to do the challenge, but I’ll let you know if anything changes!


I have bad news. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to drop out of the competition. I have had very little time to work on the game due to family issues and a string of parties to attend (virtually, of course). However, I WILL still try to work on the game, and I will reveal it when I believe it is complete.
Also, this competition has introduced me to the world of SCP, and I have a special interest in SCP-096 (a.k.a Shy Guy). So in a way, I should thank @“meburningslime” for introducing me to this world.