NEW GAME: Some Cube and A Ouest For Like

here is a quick sec of gameplay down there. This game is about a block on a quest to get milk.
I will put updates and fixed errors when you guys play and reply! Thanks and bye!

(Flowlab Game Creator - Some Cube And A Quest For Milk)
good stuff
Here is a quick picture of the game.


Nice! But I kind of recommend changing the name because Cuby has been taken.

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ok thank you Mr.halo guy


You’re welcome! Coincidentally, the other Cuby is also a living blue cube :thinking:

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Dotn worry mr.halo guy. There will be stuff you can buy for him! :smiley:

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I like blue. It mataches with the setting and the happy mode :smiley:

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what is this suppose to mean anyways?

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Two Soyjaks Pointing | Know Your Meme

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Hey, this is a neat start!
The only problem I can see with it is that you have to stop moving to dash. Is there any way you could fix this?

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Oh hey Qwen! Nice game! Oh and yes There is a solution to his problem. he could ethier do the switch method or check other game that has dash.

And oh he could make the boost number go up because every time you use the left and right and press x it seems to go forward a tiny bit.

could this work???

Nearly all of my games have dash

really wow! thanks John_Shrekinson i will tell qwen to stop copying. Oh well

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You’re welcome!

What do you mean?

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which means he copy the dash didnt he not?

Well, he didn’t copy mine.

I hope you realize there are literally thousands of games out there with a dash. He’s not copying anyone. That’s kinda like saying that if you added a shoot attack you’re copying off of Galaga.

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welll… We want it to be different. So we are going to add something else