New Update: Interface Tweaks ✨

I’ve just released a new version with loads of updates!

Interface Tweaks Update


  • New Tool “Zoom” - zoom in and out of level, scroll wheel works too
  • New Tool “Move” - move around the level more easily
  • New Tool “Select” - select objects in your level
  • Move selected objects
  • Delete selected objects
  • Cut or Copy selected objects (wheel menu or ctrl+c/ctrl+v)
  • Paste selected objects into any level


  • Levels do not show until fully loaded
  • Bundle connections have much larger highlight/select/connect mouse targets
  • Behavior window zooms into center of screen
  • Dragging large objects now drags from clicked point instead of center
  • Playing from behavior window now centers game while running
  • Proximity preview display fixes and tweaks
  • Raycast preview display fixes and tweaks
  • Can now type decimals into Expression default values
  • Can navigate animation frames wil left/right arrows
  • Round sprite editor sliders to integer
  • More predictable selection when deleting animation frames
  • Onion skin more opaque in animation editor
  • Library search box shows as soon as it has room


  • Force shaders to re-render even when game isn’t updating
  • Fix problems with switching to non-solid physics
  • Fix Object Value extract race condition
  • Fix multiple controller support
  • Fix initialization when emitting an object containing scale behaviors
  • Fix animation editing “move reset” bug
  • Fix switch on/off ui desync in behavior preview
  • Fix error when changing render order of new object
  • Fix massive sprite preview in edit button after resizing
  • Copy/paste Global block updates correctly
  • Clearing expressions no longer reverts
  • Keyboard blocks have independent delay values
  • Fix truncated text in team conflict popup
  • Un-highlight blocks when converting to bundle
  • Fix crash when dragging new Global name
  • Fix truncated tutorial text
  • Raycast preview placement correct for large objects

How to use the new tools:


This is the default mouse pointer, which works the way it always has. The keyboard shortcut is v.


This one is pretty straightforward. Click the zoom tool, then drag to zoom in and out. Click to reset the zoom to the default. The keyboard shortcut to select this tool is z, and the mousewheel will also zoom, whether this tool is selected or not.


Also pretty simple, this tool is used for moving the game world around without needing to click on an empty space. The keyboard shortcut is h


Use the select tool to select multiple objects at once. The shortcut for this tool is s.

Once selected, objects can be dragged to move them around. Clicking on the selection brings up a wheel menu where you can cut, copy, or delete the selected objects. You can also delete them with the delete/backspace key, copy with ctrl+c, or cut using ctrl+x.

When you have objects in the clipboard and are using the pointer tool, they can be pasted by clicking the level and selecting the new “Paste” option in the wheel menu. The shortcut keys ctrl+v will also work. Groups of objects can be pasted between levels as well.

As always, please let me know if you have any feedback - especially if you find any problems.



Yes! This is amazing. Thank you!

Honestly this is a great update. I love that flowlab is ever-increasingly powerful and useful!


I’ve wanted this for a while lol

Is there hotkeys for the new functions?

I love the new functions but I do want to point out that the bottom bar only has 5 buttons and can fit a lot more. I wanted to ask if there is any plans for the extra room down there?


Nice, cool update. I’ll definetly try it out

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Yeah, I mentioned them in the post, but they are: v,s,h,z (plus ctrl v, ctrl c, ctrl x and mousewheel)


Amazing! I’ve wanted ways to copy sections for so long lol


This is why I love Flowlab - always growing and putting out some great quality of life features like this! Can’t wait to try them out:D


This is so good! Flowlab always had been in need a smoother dragging system! Love the zoom and selection system as well!

Out of all of those, these are obviously the best new features.




Grazer I keep clicking the wires behind the behavior, why? Also the hitbox on the inputs and outputs are too large


Love this update! all the small fixes really make the game dev experience better




these two things are my favorite I can’t imagine how long others that came here before me have been waiting for this


@grazer I was trying to connect an output to an input on a behavior and it was really hard because it wouldn’t select the input and it kept selecting the wire behind it. I think this update (Which is very nice) caused a few problems with the editor, I reloaded the page and it still acts the same.


Ah yes, the next natural step in Flowlab’s evolution: advanced editor mobility.


This update is fantastic, just one thing: it’s now very difficult to click the “Note” icon on a behavior because the click area for the outputs is so big.


Thanks for reporting this - I hotfixed it today, so it should be better now


Just so you know, this bug I’ve seen has been here for ever since I started and I thought this update would fix it:
When ever you move through your game level, your mouse could accidentally “grab” the flowlab logo and would move you through the game level without clicking at all, I can’t reproduce it though, because it happens randomly.


Glad to know I’m not alone


im not really sure how to use this update so nothing really changed i dont see anything thats changed only the new tools to move around and zoom in and out ya know that stuff

Very good very nice, very good… very nice!