New Update - lots of little stuff

I just deployed an update, and have made some small tweaks to the website as well:


  • Next Level block now has a “get” input to get the current level number
  • Next Level block now has explicit “Next Level” option, and “Previous Level” as well.


  • Can now click game name on My Games page to change it there
  • Fixed weird “html5/bin” url path when making a new game
  • Entire site now runs in SSL/https
  • Tweaked logo so it shows up when a custom game page is all white
  • Removed remaining Flash references, so browser plugin warnings stopped showing up (this means games cannot be run in Flash mode any longer).


  • Repeater block now works correctly in cases where there are several objects of the same type with different repeat counts
  • Fixed case where changing the sprite dimensions in the sprite editor and then canceling the object edit window reverts the sprite size
  • Fixed case where two Global blocks in the same object with the same tag would not both update
  • Various crash fixes

As always, please let me know if I broke anything, or if you see any issues with the new update.

Thanks @grazer !

Ok, I already found 2 bugs.
1: The click inputs won’t work.
2: Multiplayer is down again…
Screenshot 2020-05-16 at 8.55.13 AM

Oh no…
When I try to edit the game…
Screenshot 2020-05-16 at 8.56.03 AM

Thanks Grazer, and with this, I’ve made another and last Checkpoint Example!
Checkpoints can be anywhere and on different levels.

Checkpoint Example 3:

Thanks @grazer for the next level stuff!

@“JR 01” i looked at the code of the game you have to have it on go to go to a specific levle but that doesent save the checkpoints

@glithctyrus, I made it specifically reset the checkpoints when entering another level.
This way you can use my anywhere checkpoints as long your in the SAME level.

If you want to save checkpoints only on a specific level, then make a new set of saves for that level.
Then load those saves when you enter that level number (that you “get” from the NextLevel update).

Hey @meburningslime, thanks for the feedback but I can’t reproduce any of the issues you’re describing. Multiplayer seems to be working OK, and mouse clicks too. I’m able to play your SCP game, and the editor seems to work OK with it. Are you still seeing these issues? Maybe clear your cache to make sure you have the latest copy of everything.

I had to clear cache, thanks

please read:
I need to know how to do what I am talking about in the discussion.

I like this update, but I still don’t have any money! can you make a free upgrade on the next update?

@Jeremy_55% unfortunately, websites and programs do not ccome free. Either you watch an ad every thirty seconds or you pay. Grazer chose pay. Even with this, he’s barely making 10 grand a year.

@grazer theres a glich i found, so when you respawn or die in some games and the camera uses background repeats, the background will only repeat once and when respawn it wont load anymore

Hey @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev I added a Trello card for this issue so that it doesn’t get lost:

Thanks for reporting it

@grazer the multiplayer is broken here.

Explain how its broken…

Thank you @grazer I have been waiting for this. Now I only need one back button! Could the next update be for alerts though? I have multiple updates for that I think EVERYONE wants:

  • Player can add up to Four buttons

  • Change font

  • Edit height and with of box (Maybe getting a head of myself here, still would be epic though!)

  • Amount of inputs for each new button added or deleted.

  • Varius bug fixes about this not working (Crashes included)

Hey @meburningslime - you have to provide a more precise description of which multiplayer feature is misbehaving, and how. The player count seems to be working as intended as far as I can tell.

There is a thread for that discussion already, so expand on the description in there please, and I’ll take a look.

@grazer when I position the blocks it won’t work. It’s supposed to position the blocks according to how many players there are, yet it won’t do that.