New Update (subscribers only) - Game Page Themes

There is now a button under your games that says “edit theme” (you may need to clear your browser cache). Clicking this button opens up the page theme editor, where you can tweak the following elements of your game’s page:

  1. Enable or disable the top navigation header
  2. Select foreground & background colors
  3. Select text color
  4. Select font
  5. Upload a background image, and change its display formatting

Here’s an example of a themed game page:

If you don’t see any fonts you like, take a look here: - any of those can be added to the font list

Let me know if you have any issues or questions :slight_smile:

This is actually pretty cool, thanks Grazer!
OH, I can make it with My Logo as the background!

If anyone themes their game pages and doesn’t mind posting them here - I’d like to see some themes you guys come up with.

How’s this for my Drive Nero page


Wow! This is amazing! Will post whatever I create later :slight_smile:

So, I have to request a font from google if there isn’t the one I want? My inner Font nerd is happy!

Can fonts be organized alphabetically? Just so it’s a little easier to look for a specific one.

Excited to show & try everything new! :smiley:

The first thing I wanted to try was to see if it’s possible to create a “presentation mode”.
Just a simple and plain black background.

This is the result:
(My old Creative CV… years ago I decided to make an interactive scene using premade animations, this was the result.)
I do like this presentation mode but since the game is not centered and stills include the Info Text below doesn’t look as good, eitherway it’s still pretty great. It gives the necessary focus on the subject.

Here is another example on another game:
pres2 0
(This is a game I’m developing with @“JR 01” with the flowlab’s teams feature)

I found a small problem though, the flowlab logo is not visible when the background is white + top navigation bar disabled.

Hey, I just wanted to ask, what’s the ideal size for the background? Is it 1920x1080?
I know it can resize images but sharp and high fidelity is always great.


This is the page for Awakening - Replica

Hey @“JR 01” :

The Drive page looks really good with a dark color palette. I think it matches the feel of the game much better than the default page.

@PixelPizza :

I really like the Awakening themed page!

  • I added the three fonts you requested to the list, and alphabetized them as well

  • There is no perfect size for the background image - no matter how big you make it, it’s possible that someone could have a bigger screen. I think 1920x1080 is probably a good size, basically it’s just a trade-off between resolution & download time/size.

  • Why are your games off-center? I’m confused about that - they should be centered on the page horizontally.

Thanks for the updates! Loved it! Just updated the Awakening’s page again, I changed the text on the caption and now it uses the Poppins font.

The games are centered horizontally.
(the second screenshot looks like it’s not because of the in-game camera)
What I meant is that games are “off-center” vertically.
I will post an example image later. But basically, the Flowlab Logo (and its hidden bar) takes up space - making it look off-center.


This is soooooo cool, very unexpected too.

However we should be able to change font sizes, such as the “player two” pixel font is too large.

Hey @Gavn, glad you like it :slight_smile:

The “Press Start 2P” font is huge, that’s true. I almost didn’t include it since it looks kind of wonky, but it was too perfect to leave out. Other than that one case, they are all pretty proportional I think.

Fair haha, little bit of tweaking my markdowns and game title it was able to fit nicely, itll do.


Edit theme

Where button?


Right There ^ :lol:

This is a really cool new thing you implemented! I decided to make my own custom theme, I did it pretty quickly though I may change it later


Hey @soethan1 - glad you like it. That theme looks much better than the default gray page :slight_smile:

@grazer for non subscribers, make a light/dark theme

will give them a taste of the update but encourages subscription :slight_smile: