New Update - updates and bugfixes

I just deployed a new update, containing the following:


  • New Exit behavior block for exiting desktop apps.
  • Proximity behavior updated for greater accuracy and performance
    • New Box Proximity shape
    • Proximity detects oddly sized and shaped objects correctly
    • Option to trigger proximity only when shape is completely enclosed
  • Debug key shortcut is now Ctrl+B
  • New option in Extractor block to access value sent on spawn/emit/attach
  • Logic gate behavior has changed: negative values are now interpreted as True


  • Dont open bundle on drag->click
  • No connection error alerts on exported games
  • Sprite editor tools highlight when selected
  • Collider rotate bug fixed when setting forward to up or down
  • Fixed cases where collision shape failed to update after editing sprite
  • Bundle outputs now glow when activated
  • Fixed spawn positions not getting assigned to the correct spawned objects
  • Fixed possible crash when sending messages to deleted child objects

Let me know if you find any problems, thanks!

thank you so much @grazer!

Awesome! I will test those out and see if I find anything unusual.

@grazer, I’m only seeing these options on the debug

I had to log off and log in @“JR 01”

yeah, got it.
Thanks @PixelPizza

Here’s what I found so far:

“Exit Game” behavior it’s used for exiting desktop apps but it’s located on the “Mobile Device” Tab.

Proximity Circles-Square preview doesn’t always display accordingly.
How to reproduce:
Play game on Editor > Edit Proximity Shape > Stop > Check Proximity Shape.
This will lock the shape initially picked until you close the object menu and come back.

New debug key Ctrl+B opens favorites Side-Menu (Firefox).
It’s better than favoriting the page, but I still wanted to let you know.

Some games were ported to the new update, others didn’t.
Logging off and logging back again ported most games but not all of them.
Closing the “not-ported” game browser tab and opening it again solves this.

MouseMove > PointAt doesn’t work on objects with Up as Forward direction.

I have also noticed that sometimes, when switching from game editor to test mode will make background objects go invisible.

I love this new hotfix, however there are still two huge problems plaguing me.
1: the color editor on the bottom left is covered by the buttons, so I can’t click it. Same with the pixel resizing.
2: The multiplayer is still broken :frowning:

Thanks for the updates! We all support you!

But hey, don’t listen to @meburningslime. He acts like the toughest guy around here and demonstrates a clear misunderstanding of people’s recognition of privacy and professionalism.


@browngr he is just trying to tell grazer about some features that aren’t working. Your the one trying to act like a tough guy.

Actually, he did the same thing on a separate post to me, when I was just trying to help like he was. Karma just came back to bite him. (;

@meburningslime - can you post of a screenshot of what it looks like when you can’t access the color editor?

@grazer Thank you soooooo much for fixing logic gates! Negative numbers not registering has messed me up so much

@grazer I will try to get one. I am on mobile run but I’ll get it to you today


That is what it is, grazer will ne able to fix it. Also, it happens on my 30" TV as well.

Hey, @meburningslime. I have the same problem, but only on my school laptops, which have a smaller stature. I believe the scaling might be the problem. It is mobile, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was it.
Also, that new comment you just posted only proves my point. I’ve spent my whole entire life being hated, so I don’t really care how many people you get to hate me. It wouldn’t even make a dent on me. I’ll just continue working on my games. (=

Glad to see proximity getting tweaked. I use it pretty often, but i’ve never quite understood where and how things trigger. @grazer updates are always appreciated. thanks for your hard work.

I just started a new thread about an issue I’m having with an extractor, not sure if it was caused by the new update or not. I’ve logged out and logged back in and reloaded my game, but the issue remains.

@todorrobot, Grazer just fixed this problem