(no you should not, we beleive in you!)

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Guys, I have lost motivation and I dont think i will be on flowlab for any longer. So I just need you guys’es motivation, Please


What’s come up? Are you feeling discouraged or unmotivated?

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just… unmotivated, codings fun but its hard ( i know when i finish a game it will be worth it seeing other people have fun) but its hard spending hours on end going back and forth between coding and forums

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I understand. Everyone who makes games has those days.
My advice would be to slow down and take a break. It isn’t healthy to work on your game for hours a day. As they say, too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Personally, I have to juggle a lot to fit in dev time. It’s absolutely worth it, but that doesn’t make it easy.
This sort of juggling can cause burnout. I’m sure you’ve heard that term before… and know what it means… and know how to prevent it. But you really never know something until you’ve experienced it, so let me help with this:

Take a break. Go outside and experience the world God has made for you. Watch a movie or show or play a video game. You’re just burned out and need a rest, so take one. Not only will you feel better, but you will come back refreshed and more productive than ever.


Hey take a week just to hang out with some friends play some fun games, maybe you can join my discord and we can enjoy playing games some time. Just relax make sure to drink plenty of fluids, your brain is made up mostly of water so staying hydrated can help you focus and stay consistent. After that week just spend about maybe up to 1-2 hours a day max working on your games, if you start to get bored and unmotivated play some more games. Maybe even go out with your real friends and do something fun together, like a physical activity. Staying in shape also helps motivation so make sure you get plenty of exercise. If your having trouble with your game or you stuck somewhere through it on me, I’ll be more than happy to take your burdens for a day and figure out a friends problems. At the end of the day, just do the things you love if you really don’t want to use flowlab anymore just move on to something else. Flowlab will always be here for you to come back too :crying_cat_face: :+1:


Is that grazer crying?

But on a more serious note, being a game dev takes time, and if you’re unmotivated to work on a game that’s understandable. Something really important to know is that lack of motivation is normally from not seeing progress, and that will spiral out of control quickly. Something I did to gain some more motivation is just work on 1 game you really want to finish. Don’t work on any other game besides that singular one, and when you see results maybe that will bring a little motivation. As for the time it takes to create a game, a lot of that comes from a lack of experience, just keep making small improvements, and each time you’ll be faster.

Something that could help you with motivation is knowing it’s ok to not complete a game in a day. Doing something like setting away 20 minutes a day to just purely focus on your game and then stopping after that can help because maybe you are so close to finishing something but just need 10 more minutes, that’s something to be excited for tomorrow. Maybe you’ll make a small amount or a large amount of progress, this doesn’t matter a lot, what’s important about this is breaking up the amount of time you spend to almost too little time so that you want to continue working on your game. And if you still feel unmotivated take a break for a week and go outside more, it can really help your brain feel more relaxed and awake.

Small tip, when coding do it by an open window, I find that fresh air helps me concentrate more



It’s completely normal to feel like this, just take a week off or something and do some other stuff you like

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you can take a break from coding. Take for example dani. The guy who drinks milk and is a game developer. He left and took a break

Yeah just take a break or maybe work on a little side project that you have no big plans for (:

I had a massive burnout for about half a year. I simply couldn’t find the motivation to continue coding. After a long rest, some fun ideas, and watching videos from people like Game maker’s Toolkit, I got back into the fun and am now going to college for software development. Don’t give up, but take a break. Wishing the best for you buddy!


thanks for the help, ill take a break ( i will be on forums tho)