Oh wow baron worked on a game for school wow how cool PLAY IT PLAY MY GAME

This past semester I’ve been on a team of artists, programmers and game designers to make a game for class! it’s cute and you should play it! (sowwy gwazer it’s not on flowlab but in fact on itch)

You play as a witch running a potion shop where you help out some lovely customers with their problems! can you find a solution to their predicaments with your bewitching brews? PLAY THE GAME AND FIND OUT!

(it’s still just a vertical slice so we focused more on polish than extensive gameplay, but something tells me we’ll be working on it more over the next few months :eyes: )


This game is actually good.


Nice game. I thought you did art only you really showed your skills!


EWW what is this a game not made with flowlab EWWw

I remember him

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He was on a team, so maybe he just did art.

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Unfortunately my laptop is in S mode so I cannot play your game unless you put it on the Microsoft store and it gets verified by them :slightly_frowning_face:.

Most people here are stupid, please put “/s” at the end of your post to help them understand.

No one here is stupid, there’s no need to throw insults around. Even if you didn’t mean it that way


I cant play it due to locks :> :frowning: wish i could tho

stop that’s offensive to stupid people (I’m stupid)

@RainRod @ManiacPumpkin I was the art lead, so my main job was making good art and making sure the other artists are making good art, but I also worked on some of the design and writing. Although mostly art.


Those are for people with autism, and I wasn’t talking to anyone else than Baron and he gets it

…Why would you think that, most people here are pretty smart. It’s not cool to say that.


I’m pretty sure he was only referring to himself, and then he just generalized


I am referring to everyone (including myself)'s mild stupidity because we typically fail to understand Agent Y’s sarcasm. /s is a tone tag to indicate sarcasm, and I was suggesting that Agent Y use it to denote the use of his sarcasm in this particular instance (tone is hard to detect through text, and I was able to identify it in this unique occurrence).

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how about you all stop it. I’m presenting a game I worked hard on here and you’re all arguing about hypothetical misinterpretation and achieving nothing save for the appearance of a bunch of dinguses. stop and play my game cause it’s cool


I’l play it if I can. I really want to though. I explained why I can’t above:

I intend to stop it now. My previous post on this topic was intended to end the argument and get this topic back on track. I know better than to intentionally derail a forum topic.

From what I can see about this game, it’s really interesting. Congratulations!


Holy crap! this game so good, the art is so good i cant play it becuase i cant download!


hmmMmMmM, ill download it

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