Old Super Mario Bros. Feedback/Update List

Game: https://flowlab.io/game/embed/1014431
This discussion is (primarily) for either telling me what you think about the game, requesting a feature or reporting a bug! This is also where i list updates!

Known bugs:

*If you hold the jump button as you hit a wall, than as soon as you hit the wall press the other direction, you jump off the wall! Yes: The wall jump was accidentally added!
*Occasionally, anything that moves on the ground (Including Mario) gets stuck as it’s walking. This is an issue with Flowlab and fixing it would require completely reworking my custom gravity system!
*Everything about Luigi
*You fall through the moving platform if you hit it too fast. There’s nothing i can do about this as this is the only way i know to get it to move like that!
*If you hit a Gust Flower wrong, than it won’t blow you. I suggest just moving off it and trying again or hit it right in the center as that seems to guarantee it’ll work!


*Added level 1 from Dr Who: A little evil! Press J at the main menu to skip to it!
*Addad a fancy fade transition between levels! (Idea from The Graveyard)
*Added little random text under the “press enter” text that references other Mario games! Try looking at them all!
*Added the Koopa (He takes inspiration the koopa from Super Mario 64 more than anything!)
*Removed battle mode
*Added a beta version of a diagonal hill in Level 1! Try them out!
*Gust Flowers now get ready to blow again (That sounds wrong) after you die. But there’s a catch: They only reset if you respawn from the checkpoint flag! Have fun!

*I am almost COMPLETELY remaking Mario’s code. So somethings may be missing for a bit!

*The Green Demon challenge (Look it up) has been added to the game! Press P in level 1 and run!
*Slopes now work properly! Go into 1-1 and check it out!

*Words cannot describe how proud i am of how the recode went! Here’s what the recode has gotten us:

*Mario’s code is now far more categorized and compact! If you never saw Mario’s code before, check it out now! You might learn some tricks!
*The attack display now works better and does its job better!
*The game now runs slightly better!!!

*Big Mario is currently being added. I feel this game is getting close to being done (Before i get Flowlab Indie at least) so this will probably be one of the last editions!
*Long jumping now has a more consistent system!
*The sprinting clouds are back and they look better than ever!

*Added prototype water into the game (It doesn’t actually make you swim, it just dissolves fire!)

*Changed title to “Old Super Mario Bros. (Abandoned)”
*Added a notice to the games main menu
*Added a button bringing you to my Flowlab profile

When Super Mario Maker 2 releases, i’m planning on remaking Level 1 of Old Super Mario Bros. in it! I’ll paste the level code here when it’s made!

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Yeah, i’m fully aware that this discussion is FAR less popular than my other 2 discussions and i’ve already accepted that! But for the 5 people who actually care about the 1 game I made, i got a question for you:

Should i remove the battle mode (The only multiplayer gamemode in Old Super Mario Bros.) entirely and replace it with a EXTREMELY hard almost final level instead? First 10 answers will determine the outcome!

Well, since this discussion is just me talking to myself i just did it anyway!

You should (in my opinion)

I got another question for the now like 7 people who played my game:

Should i replace the current block hills with diagonal ones instead? I put some of those diagonal hills in level 1 just so people could play for themselves and see what they think!

Be sure to leave feedback here!

Though I am not talking about what you have previously stated @Crigence , I think this important. So I got onto your game (link from above) and closed my laptop to do something. Upon coming back, the game finishes to load and all characters are replaced with red blocks, and Mario disappears as he moves and reappears as he becomes still. This may have been a one time thing, but I just felt this discussion looked a bit too empty.

The red block thing occurred in my game too!

To be frank about your game, it’s pretty broken, Imao.
The jump mechanics are, um… odd, and they remind me a bit of SMG2, where if you got burnt by the lava, but you hit solid matter above, then mario would levitate for a second.

Your game is, to say the least, broken.
Jump mechanics, infinite flutter jump, luigi doesn’t appear, red blocks, getting trapped in levitation, it’s pretty insane

The slopes are pretty broken, but that’s a flowlab thing.

The main problem I think, @Crigence , is how when you restart, it saves all the progress you have done back at the beginning, so when using the things (I don’t know what they are) which you jump on that give you a boost, you can’t reuse them, which I find very difficult. And, to be honest @“Super Daniel Maker” , you have said basically the same comment three times in a row.

Oh, and also @Crigence , I personally didn’t care for the diagonal slopes of the hills, as they slowed you down A LOT, and you would have to just jump up them anyways.

And also, why is it that when I stomp a koopa in 1-1, a (narcotic?) bag appears, and so it gets trapped?

I don’t think I’ve experienced that one @“Super Daniel Maker” .


@rcreger @“Super Daniel Maker”

This is going to be a massive response, so bare with me:


About the red blocks: That’s Flowlabs fault. When Flowlab fails to load something it makes it a red block, and in a game as M A S S I V E as Old Super Mario Bros., that could easily happen!

Super Daniel Maker

I have 0 clue what you mean by the strange jump mechanics. If you mean you jump too high: This isn’t really a Mario game as much as it is me building a base for another game, and that’s just how i like it. If you want me to lessen the jump amounts i will consider it.

I don’t think staying in the air when you hit a block is high on my priorities list, but i’ll try to get rid of it.

Infinite flutter jump? What? Even if you spam the jump button that never happens!

Luigi isn’t even in the game… Well, he is, but he’s not in any of the levels. And i gave up working on him halfway through so i’m already well aware he’s very broken.

Red blocks? You mean the blocks outside the playing field? Those are supposed to be there.

Trapped in levitation? Did you press the jump button and then click out of the tab? What did you think would happen!?

The slopes actually turned out better than i expected! Their actually one of the simplest blocks in the game, so the fact you had a bad experience with them is kinda confusing.


Restart? You mean respawn? It doesn’t refresh the level it just respawns Mario. I could make it so that when you respawn, the GUST FLOWERS (Just saying what they’re called) reset as well if you want!

Yeah i know, going ups slopes makes you WAY slower but in the future: I plan to make Mario turn when he’s on it so he goes up them correctly! That, and i’m also gonna make it so when you crouch you slide down them, providing a offensive advantage!

I fixed that major issue you talked about and i did it in a pretty unique way! Read the update log in the description for details.

I added some new things to the game! Read the description!

Well, it’s not exactly what I was expecting for an update @Crigence , since it doesn’t reset the others. Maybe you could make it so that each time Mario uses it, it resets after the animation, because otherwise, you won’t be able to do some of the stuff. Just a suggestion, and thanks!

My favorite button is control-left

Oh, very nice @Crigence , I like this a lot more!