⚠️ Ongoing Website Issues

Friday morning 3/19:

The website has been responding slowly and failing to connect all morning. The root cause appears to be some connectivity problems withing the datacenter at Linode, preventing connections between the primary servers and the database. The Linode status page for the issue is here https://status.linode.com/ but there isn’t much additional context provided there.

I’ll update this thread when more info becomes available.

Update 12:51 CDT:

Looks like the network is up and running again. I have disabled the status page, and the site appears to be responding normally. Thanks for your patience everyone, and please let me know if you encounter any further issues.


Update from Linode says they have resolved the connection problems, but we are still having network issues between server, and have filed a ticket with their support:


So will this be fixed???

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Good to know, thanks. I thought my phone was exploding lol.


For me it takes forever to load. but when it does load it dont work :slightly_frowning_face: :cry:

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oof :cry: :slightly_frowning_face:

I shall bookmark this topic, thanks for working hard for us @grazer!

I have updated the home page to point at the status page while this issue is ongoing.

Thank you grazer, I’ve never seen that before!

Oh wait, that replaced flowlab. Is this really getting that bad?

Hopefully, Linode fixes the problem soon and we can get out lovely flowlab back!

It just let me into flowlab.io

Hey @grazer and all, I made a temporary community with some of the people here on Bandlab.
Check this out on #BandLab https://www.bandlab.com/community/c7517717570122010

Thats unfair. it woks but i cant edit my games or play it.

nice, can’t join right now I need to confirm my email so I gotta wait until I get home.