Passable Objects

I have a few characters, But I need them to be able to be non solid (So they don’t push things), but also have gravity and not fall through the world. I use motors for gravity if that’s needed.

this would be useful to me also please answer this post.

I want it for the Flowlab all stars stuff. SO please answer

Is your question how to stop them from falling through the world?

This is technically the same as to request collisions by layer. But still would be a nice feature.

So it’s not possible?

You could do this, it just takes some workarounds


what you asked in your original post

Oh I thought you were telling me how to do it.

I have an idea, you could keep the character as a solid and the floor so he doesn’t fall, but make some of the blocks either its enabled to false on level start so the block is just non solid and the player can walk through them. You could use JR 01’s game called 1 where he made the entire game using one sprite and you could use a similar feature where only certain blocks are solid and others are not, but all being the same block. This would be very time consuming since you would need to send a message to every block’s object name that you want to change.

Or you could just make the walk throughable blocks be non-solid, but I’m guessing that you probably want something more advanced.

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I forgot to mention that it would be another player, so they would both have to be solid in that case. It’s an annoying system.

If the only problem is with it falling through floors, you could have a raycast check if there is floor under the player and if so, disable the “gravity” you make with motors or velocity or something

I used that Idea, and so far, i’ve gotten the character to not fall through the platform but slide when walking, then when I jump they go right through.

i managed to get it to work you just need the right number of velocity and you need to change the physics drag

Oh, I’m still using motors.

actually jump is the problem here…

wait we can just use the same method- if raycast hits something on the ground just make it so that the switch is on and if it misses its off!

If we get a “collision by layer” update, I’m updating my semi-solid example.

was i the 1st to mention this idea?