Plymouth Entertainment - SOL [GHOST GUNNER - OUT NOW!]

I think @rcreger wouldn’t release it early, they would still wait until the due date to polish things and add stuff in they never had a chance to. But releasing late is a lot more likely for games than releasing early.



Things are a little bit slow right now, but summer is when things will blow up! Here’s the update and some bug fixes I’ve implemented today (so far):

  1. Enemy now detects where other enemies are, and do not get stuck when in patrol mode anymore.
  2. Fixed an issue where the enemy would jump higher than intended.
  3. Fixed wall sliding jitter.
  4. Fixed an issue where the idle animation would play overtop of the wall slide animation.
  5. Made it so the enemies move easier on the ground objects.
  6. Adjusted some enemy movement values to better fit and balance.
  7. Adjusted some physics values for the enemy object.
  8. Added insurance switches to the patrolling and chasing movement code to make sure as much as possible.

I’m still working out a way so that enemies don’t land on top of each other or the player, and also don’t get stuck in chasing mode. I’ll update you guys later, stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Do you have gradual jumping in you game?

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For sure:)

Although I’ve been calling what they call as Mario’s “long jump”


Damn can I see the code I want to compare it. Also when you run off an edge can you still jump in mid air? @rcreger


Coyote-time? It’s a pretty good mechanic and sneaky thing to add.


No not really my example stops you from running of an edge and still being able to jump before touching the group, but I do know what your talking about though which is a great mechanic for platformer speed running.


Although I’m not going to share the project, the design is very similar to the long jump JR_01 made in his jump type examples (here).

And I do have a coyote jump implemented too, @00T_Free - but it only lasts for about .6 seconds. All I really did was add a timer from the switch output before it turns it off immediately, hence giving a little bit of time for a coyote jump.

Both the long jump and coyote jump, when used well, makes the game feel more controllable, and I suggest using both when making a platformer in any degree.


Mine is so much more simple than @JR01

If you want to take a look at mine here is a link, the running is also a little better by using switches so no button overlaps happen if you know what i mean.

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But yeah adding a timer for turning off the jump function when you leave the ground is a great idea for coyote jumps, mind if I swag it?

I’ve been summoned, and I just have to say one thing.
It may be a little a bit simpler, but its a very unnatural jump.


Yeah I know it is a little wonky

I’m working on it and I think I found a simple solution.

Ok it is much more natural :smirk:

Nice, now your getting those arches. Though it becomes a slow fall if you hold down jump.
As well, I think mine is starting to look more simpler coding comparingly.

Has any one made the Mario type run where the long you hold the walk you start going faster?

I get rid of the slow fall just now it was a misplace with the switch was the problem there

Actually never mind it is still there

Escape the Rewind kinda works like how old Mario runs