Profile Picture?

So as you can tell I changed my profil picture. Should I keep the old one or use this one?pCJV03W1FJRTK

I prefer the one you used to use before you changed to the sketched version of it.

@GalaxianGames okay. Im trying to get my sketch colored, then do you think the sketch?

Yeah, maybe. I’ll see if I change my mind with the colored sketch.


Yup, this one (colored sketch) is much better.



Ooooh! That looks even better!

@GalaxianGames yay! I am happy you like it.
Speaking of which, I could make you one if you want!

@“meburningslime”, thanks for the offer, but for now, I’ll try to do it on my own. I’ll let you know when I need your assistance.

@GalaxianGames lol ok

I remade another one of my old drawings in an editor! SmartSelect_20200722-160109_FlipaClip

I honestly liked this one n9IRR34R81UJ9