Project Progus - Update Log [NEW UPDATE - ANIMATIONS ADDED]

Is this Sol?..

No, it’s not. However, this is just something that I’ve been enjoying working on and something I’ve been meaning to experiment more on. It’s a movement test, but using zero in-game gravity, so I can handcraft some unique features like more controllable air-dashing and grand slams, as well as slashing through enemies/objects like slicing through air, without hindering the player.

Why am I working on this other than Sol? I’m most likely going to rework Sol, even though I put a large amount of work into it’s current state. I’m learning more intuitive ways to use Flowlab, and this is part of the “creative process” that I’m partaking in. I’m writing, drawing, and testing with new mechanics to better uphold Sol, and any other future things I want to do on here.

So, what exactly is THIS for? I want you guys to see what I’m doing, possibly giving me help, and hopefully to help you guys as well! It’s not all going to be game mechanics, but also art, music, writing tips, etc. So if you’re not interested in the Sol aspects of this thread, then you can also check for the prior listed things!




This is the first post in the changelog. I’ve already been working on the build for about a couple of weeks already (though sparsely), so this may be the largest update. All sprites are early dev-art.


  1. Applied smooth movement. Builds up subtle momentum while holding down either A,D keys.
  2. Used (and modified) @JR01’s long jump example from this: Jump Examples - JR_01.
  3. Added a coyote jump to the player character to improve controllability.
  4. Removed built-in gravity from the game.
  5. Developed a player-gravity system for jump and falling - as well as stopping midair.
  6. Developed the X/Y Plane dashing system. X-Plane dashing disables the gravity to create a more direct path for the player to dash in the air.
  7. Made it so that you can dash downwards - this will eventually lead to creating a ground slam.
  8. Improved the falling gravity when hitting a block on the topside of the player. I had noticed that when hitting the block on the top-side of the player, the speed felt unnatural.
  9. Made an “enemy” object with custom friction (so it doesn’t move infinitely when pushed).
  10. Developed a “slash” combat system. When holding down the left mouse button while near the enemy, the player will receive an impulse into the enemy. The enemy will be disabled, allowing the player to slide by the enemy, and onto it’s other side, in which the enemy will be enabled. I’m looking for this to be a sort of “finisher” move.
  11. Made it so when clicking (or “attacking”) in the air, you fall slower. This will hopefully allow the player more reachable means of air combat.
  12. X-Plane dash cooldown to lessen the amount of player confusion when spamming all of the WASD keys. Though this probably won’t be 100% worked out, it’s better than before and cannot “float around” as easily.

I was going to post a video of my progress, but my Game Bar doesn’t seem to want to cooperate:/

Thanks for tuning in, more updates to come!


Seems intriguing. Good luck!

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Thank you, Slime! Appreciate it

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It seems easier to use natural game gravity and to use velocities and motors to modifiy it, but for some large-scale or complicated project, artificial gravity is definitely the best way to go.

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Yes, for sure. I’m more of experimenting, but I’m just looking for seamless dashing, so it basically goes straight to the destination without gravity pulling the player down - even if it was just a little bit. I think it depends on what you’re working towards.

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Well you could just use extractors and velocities for that, but nonetheless it’d be easier if you were to attempt all of these features if you had artificial gravity.

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@rcreger This is really helpful! I’m working on the Combat Car Adventures Reboot and actually am trying to make game play a lot smoother and more balanced, so this is something I would take pleasure in watching grow. Also coincidentally in my game you can stomp and dash (Though you have to unlock them in later levels).


This sounds awesome! Can’t wait to hear more on it!


Keep me posted on the updates!

And @Yorkie2323 - thank you!

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No problemo

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Very small update, but I’ve now improved the camera to be smooth on both the X & Y axis to add more smoothness to it, and adds more effect to the long jump.

More to come later!



A couple of updates first:

  1. Game project now codenamed “Project Progus”.
  2. Added a melee combat pointer around the character.
  3. Added melee damage objects (damage to be due towards enemies).
  4. Added a melee damage dispenser attached to the player object.

Not too many major changes, but changes nonetheless. The big deal is the plans.
I’m putting these here so I can see my ideas, but also get feedback from you guys:)

  1. RPG elements.
    Progus is going to be a different type of game for me. I want to have RPG elements, such as different types of armor, weapons, and classes. Though things may change down the line, I’m certain that I want to have the player be able to upgrade and level up.
  2. Relics.
    Like armor and weapons, but much more powerful and rare. The twist is that, while you can replace ordinary armor and weapons if they break, relics are forever lost if not repaired and taken care of.
  3. Hunting Grounds.
    Basically “grind” zones. While you can level up during a campaign playthrough, you could also go to hunting zones (or other ways…) to level up and get ahead before going to certain level campaigns.
  4. Replayability.
    I want the game to be able to generate tasks for the player if not too much is to be done, and could possibly level up the player along the way. This would be by notification, and would be able to be turned off.
  5. XP.
    As stated before, I wanted to have the player level up. This would unlock higher armor, weapons, and health benefits.

This is the very bare-bones idea that I have – and is in very early testing, still. Done expect these updates to be coming any time soon.


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Made some more progress today (03/28/21). More on the artistic side this time:

  1. Updated the attack cursor.
  2. Added attacking animation for the cursor.
  3. Added an idle effect to the cursor.
  4. Added random attack sound FX (both in sound and volume).
  5. Added sound FX for the speed attack.
  6. Added default music.
  7. Added default ambience.
  8. Updated enemy objects physics during speed attack.

This is smaller, but with the lack of time at the moment this is all I could get in today.



I don’t have much time today, but I was able to get in some minor fixes for combat and enemy objects:

  1. Fixed the friction between two enemies colliding.
  2. The player can now move more smoothly around terrain - sliding up shorter walls.
  3. Fixed a movement issue with the speed attack where it would not fire.
  4. Fixed the issue where the speed attack would remove all enemy objects instead of the object being pursued.
  5. Minor animation update to the cursor sprite.



Can I test it yet?


@Yorkie2323 - at some point, I’ll release it as a demo:)


We’ve got a minor but very important update for today:

You can no longer dash infinitely away, and a timer now stops the high speed dash after the amounted elapsed time. Also, just for a disclaimer, the dash ability will most likely be turned into an acquirable ability, not one you already have at the beginning of the game - and will be optional.

Along with this, just some smoothing out on the regular movement - mainly on the build-up run.

Thanks for tuning in!



What is the most valuable part of movement to you? Leave your reasoning in the comments below:)
(This is just a community poll to see the personal thoughts on general movement in video games)
You can choose THREE answers:

  • The basics (smooth run and jump; long jump)
  • The “specials” (dashing, sprinting, ground slamming)
  • The niches (crouching, sliding)
  • The weapons (push back, impulse, elevated jumping)
  • The combos (stay in air when attacking, attacking dash, attacking ground slam)
  • The hitbox (smooth movement around terrain, doesn’t get stuck, easy to control)
  • The cool stuff (grappling hook, speed platforms, reverse gravity, slow down time (bullet-time))

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Happy polling!


All of the above, maybe have separate characters each with different mechanics, starting at smooth running and jumping. Almost like classes.

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