Project Squire - Announcement

Project Squire

A passion project by @cCarbot

Edit: Find most recent updates and patches here: Project Squire - Updates / Patch Notes

Welcome to Project Squire, a small project that I started working on recently. Currently it is in very early development but I feel like I have enough at this point to show it off. The basic premise is that you’re a little squire who fights off enemies and bosses in a zelda-like room-to-room manner. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s going to be a roguelike but will have a lot of similar aspects to many roguelike games. Here’s a little preview of it so far:

Basic Sword Animation
Basic sword animation, achieved by attatching a separate “hand” object to the player to allow for more extended animations and movement.

Roll Animation
Your typical souls game roll, will provide a brief period of immunity and a good way to dodge projectiles.

Basic Enemy AI
Standard enemy “Idle” AI, they roam around at random intervals along with having a basic sense of surroundings (as well as being a pain to debug and get working properly). Currently I don’t have an “Attack” or “Aggro” AI however its next on my list for developments.

AI Hit Interaction
When hit enemies will be propelled backwards and a small amount of screen shake will occur (doesn’t show too well in the gif). A small comic-like message will also appear and fade away when you successfully land a hit. I plan to add some kind of miss system to make it harder to stun lock an enemy, but this could also be solved through making it so they aren’t always stunned by an attack.

This is all I have at the moment, once more updates start coming in I will make a separate thread for updates and patch notes. If you’re interested and want to know more about the project feel free to ask questions on this post or add me on discord: cCarbot#8721

No game link will be provided for the time being, once I feel like it is stable enough maybe I’ll release some kind of demo but don’t expect anything anytime soon.

Also I’ll leave this here:


Roadmap: - Features I intend to add.

  • Variation in environment and setting.
  • Dialogue system and friendly NPCs.
  • Advanced enemies with more complicated AI and attack patterns.
  • Bosses and Minibosses with large scale attacks and patterns.
  • Health and damage system.

Optional Features - Features I may add but are still up for debate.

  • Basic inventory system
  • Weapon variations
  • Different classes

This by no means is a complete list. If you have any suggestions for features let me know on discord (posted above)


This looks really cool, please keep it going. :grin:


Will there be mod support? I wanna play as Raiden. Also, I really like this game so far!


wow such good (doge reference

i think he means this: Pixilart - RaidenMetalGear by JohnShrekinson
also I like this game too; keep it going!