Quirky Acres Updates

Hey guys!
I only had around 9 days to do this jam, do to vacations, but I got pretty far.
I wanted to do something slightly more unique, but ended up steering a little bit off the “Five Element” course.

Please try it out and give advice! Any last minute ideas?


Also tell me if you manage to get past all the waves, there will be no more animals spawning. I tried to make it as difficult as possible. This will be one of the things fixed in some of the updates after the jam.


I’ll check it out later! Congrats to submitting a game, be proud of yourself for that.



Basicly you have to select an element, then you have to click and drag to surround the animal with your lasso. If you selected the wrong element, the animal will get bigger and more powerful.


Oh, dang it. I am now completely devoid of hope.

Tell me if it’s too hard to understand, or the tutorial is bad…

I’m worried that nobody will know what to do

@JUSTPLAINOP was it playable


I’ll test it while I wait for help. I do not get how to play.

take the tutorial

@JUSTPLAINOP do you get it?

Yes the game

What? Oh, you mean the game?

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… The game says:
To every single element.

wait a sec \

Looks like it’s working for me…

OH i found the problem. @JUSTPLAINOP pls try it again, see if it works now

It is very hard. How does one obtain more powers after using one? It locks all of the rest of the powers.

um the tutorial says… When you return the animals it will unlock them.

Oh, yeah. You have to walk to the pit to return them, right?


Ok, now I get it. This game is well-made and pretty fun! I liked it. Top 15 easy.

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try playing as far as you can… Tell me how far you get

I don’t have time. I need to do a lot of housework and it is also very late.

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alr thx… pls do it when you can.

Yes, I will do it tomorrow after the art contest. I have things to attend to in the morning.
You can recruit other beta testers before voting, DW, Beheaded, some other user. I am not very good with reviews.

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hey @DWGAMEMASTER, @Beheaded_man can you playtest my game