Raycast THICC feature

Hey @grazer, About the ray-cast is it possible to make it thicker. For example, making the line of the ray-cast more thick than normal. Maybe adding a value of 1 to 32 pixels thick of the line.

Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 15.58.20


we need it
we need it so we can start a grazer cult that sacrifices people who use scratch to the devil



This would be very helpful! I support 100%

Yep It Would Be Very Useful

Ye then the ray-cast could detect objects faster so players won’t go through walls.

I wish you could use the raycast in a circle, similar to that of proximity, but proximity goes through any sprites to detect a certain one, where as raycast could be used for really cool lighting. It will light up the current room that you are in, but you can only peak through doors that lead to a different room, but you cannot see the whole room. I’m sure someone already done this, but I figured that I would say something.

@ManiacPumpkin, Ye like adding a miss and hit to proximity behavior.

Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 16.32.23

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Sorry, I knew there was something already for that, lol. Thanks @R0CK, I’m still getting used to some of the behaviors even though i’ve been on for two years.

@ManiacPumpkin, np.

But this feature is kinda cool like making the line more thick in the settings of the ray-cast behavior. So it could detect objects faster and disable or enable switches for collision checks.

Yeah, I still agree that making the raycast line thicker. It would be a lot more helpful for finding certain objects throughout the game and give it more of a variety.

It need some meat on its bones, lol.

@ManiacPumpkin, lol.

Hey @grazer, what do you think.

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you can use a NOR logic gate to detect when the proximity “misses”


@Lyndon_Bork, Ye that could work. But what do you think about the ray-cast thick feature.

I, as well, desire this thiccness of a feature.

So a fat raycast would be handy, I agree.

Rays by definition do not have a thickness, they are defined by a direction and length. A fat ray would really just be a box collision check.


Always has been