Regional Prices

I went to look at the prices of something like Indie, and it was 81(currency). Im wondering if there can be prices depending on your location? @grazer


81 what

81₱ I assume.

It’s not really possible to do that, no other websites account for that.

That’s not even 4$, so no.

They absolutely do, if you buy something on steam the price doesn’t change between dollars and euros

They aren’t asking for that, they want it to be cheaper where they are because it’s the average salary is so much less. (i don’t remember the word to describe countries where it’s hard to make currency that equates to a dollar)

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That’s exactly my point.

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yes 81 pesos thats my curren

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Then it already is cheaper, ta-da

I’m just gonna assume that pesos are much cheaper than that of an American dollar and their salary isn’t as much as ours is.

Their almost four dollars for indie is probably outrageous for them where American Workers are paid much more because we live in an capitalist society.

So I don’t think their trying to rip anyone off, just trying to make it more affordable for their location. Like how it is with us. Then again that’s all up for grazer to decide on that.


I just looked it up and their (average) hourly wage in Philippines is $5.73 and hour whereas the us pays around $16.36 in the year 2020.

So for the price to remain the same $9 a month isn’t exactly fair for certain people in lower wage countries.

81 pesos is $1.55

What are you using? An american dollar is equivalent to 20.35 pesos.
So 81 pesos is around $3.98.

Wait this is mexican pesos. Then again google isn’t necessarily correct most of the time.

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TheFlowingLabThatFlowsALab sure knows how to make controversial feature requests.

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You’re the one who said phillippines, I’m just going off that

I looked on multiple sites and it’s always the same, $1 is approximately 52.4 pesos

TheFlowingLabThatFlowsALab stated:
“the phillipines, thats where i live, and its 0.019₱“


“yea and a whole 9 dollar is 199₱“


I couldn’t quote it since it was a closed topic.

According to that, 81 pesos is around $3.66.

Well then their math is wrong… if 1₱ is $0.019 then 199₱ is $3.80