Remake "Cosmic Rift" Game Series Plan

Hey, everyone! Like I said before (I think most of you have ignored it or forgot), I have a plan to remake Cosmic Rift Part 1 & 2 when I buy “Indie” pack, but I can’t wait, bruh. So, I post this to let you guys try this first remake plan of the first “Cosmic Rift” game! Here’s information about the game after it changed:
Also here’s the link game: Flowlab Game Creator - Cosmic Rift: Stray In Other Dimension

  • Change the name of the game:
    “Cosmic Rift: Lost In Other Dimension” changed to “Cosmic Rift: Stray In Other Dimension” (just that, yay).

  • Change the way to attack of the enemies:
    All enemies in the game had a fixed way to attack the player (but not include all the bosses in the game). When the player gets closer to them, they will attack the player in their own way (not all of them).

  • Fix Bug Trading Demon Stone:
    Before fixing the bug, when the player is trading to the Demon Stone Trader, it’ll take more than 15 Void Stone (about 20-35 Void Stone) and fake giving skills to the player. Now, you can only trade Demon Stone to the Demon Stone Trader when you have more than or round 15 Void Stone.

  • New Button: Setting Button:
    I added the setting button and removed all the old buttons to save some spot objects to add some new stuff and also you don’t have to look for the right keyboard to hit using them.

For people who don't know what's and how to make a setting button

Setting Button "All in Once" Example

  • Counting the Enemy Board:
    This board will decide based on how many enemies/bosses left to open the portal to move to the next level.
    Screenshot 2024-05-15 2.21.25 PM

Everything else will stay the same as before. If you would like to play the game, there’s a link upside the post, and also if there’s any bug in the game, post a feedback and I will fix it as fast as I can. Thanks for spending time reading this post and having a great day!


Looks very cool I like it.

Thanks for that replies, also if you found bug during play my game, you can post a feedback to let me fix it.

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