Requesting feedback from mobile game creators 🗳️

I wanted to get some feedback from the community about a new integration/feature I’m planning to add to Flowlab. It’s a new type of Ad network but the idea is that the ads will be for the purpose of building up your player base without spending vast amounts of money buying ads for your game on networks like AdMob or whatever.

In Flowlab, it would work similarly to how AdMob works now, but instead of displaying an ad for dentists or whatever, the ads would be for other games. In exchange for displaying these ads, the network will then display ads for your game.

In summary, it basically works like this:

  • You show ads for other games
  • In exchange, other games will show ads for yours

The ad network is called Adstronomic. It hasn’t launched yet, but I have been talking to those guys and I think it will be a cool option to have for people trying to get started with serious mobile game development. It’s not free, but it’s cheap compared to buying mobile ads, and if you sign up for their early access list you can get a $100 credit to try it out.

Anyway, I just wanted to create a topic to see what people thought about this idea, so let me know if you love it or hate it :smiley:


I saw the conversation on discord where you first mentioned the partnership, and I believe that it’s quite a good idea for people wanting to take their game development to the next level. People who have made open betas of their games would benefit from this. (Starblast Finale free version for example).


I’m all in. Let me know if I can help in any way.


If y’all gonna start making cringe ads I’m gonna set an anime profile picture again

And I’ll delete your game too


So we would have to pay outside of flowlab to even have ads within flowlab?

Also would the ads be just a single image that’s displayed for only a few seconds, or a short animations/video?


I love this idea, it would be great! I’m not sure quite how this would work, but I would love to recommend some quality games from my ducat boys. So, in essence, my main verdict and query is: Great idea, can you customize whose games you can advertise?
I love this community building upcoming feature idea!


Every ad I make will be 110% cringe


:rotating_light: SPOILER ALERT ⎥ SAME MESSAGE POSTED ON DISCORD :rotating_light:

Hi there!
I’m Florian, the CEO of @Adstronomic.

I seem to be a little behind in the conversation. :grimacing:

Thank you @grazer for sharing this on Discord and thank you guys for your interest in Adstronomic!

Adstronomic empowers Mobile Game Developers to maximize user acquisition with limited budget. We make it possible through our an AI-powered ad network that cross-promotes mobile apps and our unique subscription-based pricing model.

If you guys find it difficult to promote your mobile game (marketing budget, knowledge or any other reasons) and acquire users, then Adstronomic can be a great choice.
Within 3 to 6 months, you will gain users and data.
After this period, you should be able to monetize.
You can use the money earned to invest in a classic App Marketing solution (Google or Facebook Ads) to keep scale your user acquisition and go to the moon! :rocket:

We currently offer 100$ credit to people who join the waitlist.
You could use it as soon as you are ready to launch a campaign! :wink:

:point_right: Join the waitlist now

If you have any question, feel free to ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy Growth!


it sounds cool but I honestly dont make mobile games or any too serious ones yet. but if I ever do, im gonna give it a shot!

No worries @Cuts_ups!
However, now that you have everything you need to develop, release and grow a mobile game, maybe it’s time to take it more seriously. :upside_down_face:
Feel free to get on the waitlist anyway, maybe the $100 credit will come in handy one day! :muscle:


I’ll need practice making mobile games first but if i ever get into it I’ll see

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I have a question on the wait list.

A friend of mine said his wait list order was 728 of 728 with points, but mine says 0 of 728 with points. Not sure if its a bug or I already got through, but I wanted to ask what exactly it was about.


Are there examples of games that this has worked for? Not sure why but this looks like the perfect setup for a scam


Hey @thebrickccentric - this is a new company & ad network. I don’t think there are any success stories to point to since it hasn’t actually launched yet.

Personally I don’t think it’s any type of scam or I wouldn’t be posting about it or integrating it into Flowlab - but I’m not trying to convince anyone to sign up if they aren’t comfortable for any reason.


This sounds great! I am incredibly excited for this. One question, will you be able to customize what games can both recieve and give access to your ads?


Hi @ManiacPumpkin!

Thanks for joining the waitlist. :muscle:

Yes, it’s a small bug. If you reload the page, you will get your correct position in the leaderboard! :wink:


Thanks @thebrickccentric for sharing your thoughts!
I don’t know why you think that, but no scam here. :muscle:
We are a team of 3 people from France: one ex-google and two technical profiles.
Here is our LinkedIn page:

As pointed below by @grazer, we haven’t launched yet so no success stories yet!
Hope to share yours soon tho. :wink:


Glad to read that! :grinning:
To answer your question regarding the filtering of ads displayed in your app, this feature isn’t in our roadmap.
The goal is to generate as much volume and therefore downloads as possible. Our ad server tracks what works and what doesn’t work for your application and improves as it goes along.