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Hello, everyone! G here. It’s time to unveil the third generation of ViperTeck Entertainment!

Let’s walk through our two years of development.

It all started out with a simple dream; simple games, big ideas. I was a bit cocky back then, which I’ve learned from, and now, I’m a much more humble, if not, self-degrading, developer. Rather be that than a cocky know-it-all! haha

And then, I started working on bigger projects, stuff that I couldn’t really wrap my head around skill-wise, but dream-wise, it was the starting point of my game development hobby. Yes, that was Fallout Anarchy.

Not long after I deleted the game; I started the project that would be the basis of my biggest and best game yet; which yes, ended up being HAKK3R 1.

In HAKK3R 1, you play in a fake cyberpunk reality that was crafted after a World Apocalypse, which captured the rest of humanity, brainwashed them to give them fake memories and think its real. You are one of the few people who know that this is a simulation, and in this time; your empire is strucken down by an old friend, and that’s when you realise; your closest ally, can become your greatest enemy, without much second thought.

And now; over two years since the beginning of Project Origins, its sequel has began; HAKK3R 2.

Already a solid six months into development, this project is bigger than HAKK3R 1, and is only one mission 1. The Pre-Alpha 1.5 build was reviewed twice, and got a widely positive outlook as a whole. One of which was by a storybuild member of my team, and the other, a short overlook by @Crigence, and was approved. SO; what does this mean? Well; it means that this game, though still a solid two years from release, is huge, and will blow all of you away. Retaining one of the biggest, most detailed singular maps of all time Flowlab-wise, this game has endless things to explore, and dozens of planned missions.

Now; I talked to @Crigence about this in the past; and this last part is a quick reminder/open letter to @rcreger.

HAKK3R 2 is NOT competing with Sol in any way! The two games are releasing side-by-side, and are based on the same dev-team web. We are NOT competing, so do not, I repeat, do not, send negative messages to either of us. We are a partnered development team.


NOW; what can you expect from the new ViperTeck Announcements?

  • A bigger amount of artworks for our games!
  • Teasers
  • Official Exclusive Announcements!
  • Updates on my Flowlab YouTube videos!
  • Answers to your public questions in chat!
  • Game Updates!
  • Game Version Updates!
  • Sol Artworks!
  • Dev Team Updates!



-The Complexity of Reality-


Can clarify as well - I’m not competing!

Two mildly different games with different focuses. All I can say is that I am very excited for HAKK3R 2!


WHOA (if we did game battles your game would beat The Inventor: Startup


Hello, everyone! G here!

How many max active protagonists should I try to make controllable in one mission? (Yes, CO-OP is a planned feature, alongside AI protagonists that fight alongside you.)

  • Two is good!
  • Three, but no more than.
  • Get four protagonists in there! (Screen may become crammed.)
  • Actually, I think I prefer single-player…

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SOL has a new running animation! Looking very nice @rcreger

Check it out!


:fist_right:t2: :boom: :fist_left:t2:

me waiting patiently to be able to post something on HAKK3R 2

– thanks G:)


lol hey, new villain logo artwork coming soon! Expect more of that too, in the future! =D

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“They say; only the strongest survive.”


pixil-frame-0 (68) (1)




Applications for FGN have begun! A spin-off program from IGN, [Imagine Games Network] named Flowlab Games Network, is now underway!

Applications and more information here:

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Ever since Mason Barrett joined my dev team and took on the mantle of “Archer”, he’s been begging me to compile a playlist and set of songs that represent characters and places in Flutin. So fine, I’m doing it lol

HAKK3R- THE OFFICIAL PLAYLIST (untiltheofficialOSTreleases):


@rcreger could very well be considering the possibility of moving to Unity; so stay tuned! Don’t worry; he won’t be gone from Flowlab no matter what happens (=


Happy Thanksgiving from ViperTeck Entertainment Studios!

Holy crap, has it been a year, and we’re already nearing the end. And we’d like to celebrate with a huge ViperTeck artpiece, coming later today! Stay tuned, everyone! Love y’all, and have a happy turkey day!

And of course, of the many things I’m thankful for, you, the audience, are one of those things. Thank you all so much for being there for me when I needed it most. The support in my work, in my projects, the feedback, it all helped to make me the developer and person I am today.


Hello everyone, bad news. My artwork seems to have been corrupted, so I sadly can’t release it today. But, I do have one screenshot of the artwork from when I was about five minutes in lol


Private interview takeaway!

First mention of my new game; how exciting!! :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


You think you know who you are. Our legacy was desecrated by you; Prodical.


Here it is! The HAKK3R official set of songs; (only a week late lmao)


315 days! Why is 315 days an important number? Well; it’s the amount of days until I get back to my Flowlab HAKK3R 2 updates schedule, and it’s also the day when HAKK3R 2’s official trailers start releasing! And why update you guys today? Well; I don’t know, just thought it’d be nice to remind you guys that I may be quiet; but that doesn’t mean HAKK3R 2’s stopped production… In fact; it is very much alive…
I’ve been working closely with developers across Flowlab everywhere; yet still keeping closed doors on what the game is like. No one will really know until December 24th; 2022… Stay tuned, ladies and gents…

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New Survey coming at 3PM PST! Stay tuned; your feedback and thoughts are ready to be noted once again!

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Stay tuned; this is gonna be a big one!