Rez's Rational Reviews

Got a game you want to show somebody? Want completely unbiased, open and genuine feedback? Want intricate ways you could improve the game and things you could remove/add? Show me your stuff here!

Three basic rules:

  • Nothing ridiculously low-effort (do more than just the flowlab tutorial)
  • Make sure the game is yours, or you’re part of a team that owns it!!
  • Make sure it’s playable.

How rating goes; I’ll attach an reaction image accordingly, and then give feedback. Here are all possible ratings:


There’s Room For Improvement Here

Given if you didn’t make an especially exquisite game. Usually if it’s extremely buggy, has low-effort art/stock assets, no sounds, no soundtrack, etc. This isn’t a bad thing, I don’t doubt you could make it better, but this is if you really have a long way to go.


It’s Alright

Given if you game is… actually quite decent. You could improve in some places, but overall, you have the fundamentals down for what could be the next hot indie game.


I Like This!

Given if you, generally, have a good game! Original art, good mechanics, a lot of content, good sound design, and a very fitting soundtrack fit into this catagory.


I Really Like This!!!

Given if your game is something to be commended. Games with plenty of juicy effects, general polish, little to no present bugs, really good art, really fun mechanics, and original soundtracks fall into this catagory.



Your game, in my eyes, is perfection, or borderline perfection. Everything down to the last, tiny details is amazing. The game looks and feels beautiful, it runs nice, it isn’t laggy, the polish was given plenty of attention, the juice is there, the animations feel smooth, and the atmosphere really fits perfectly. There is next to no flaw with this game.

I’m excited to see what you guys have in store!


Flowlab Game Creator - HOVERCRAFT TRAINEE II have fun (and if youre bad try getting better) theres some random stuff in the menu from when i was actually working on this, just ignore it


Oh! I’ve played this before, and got really really far.

Generally a really good physics-based flying game.


  • Clean controls, easy to understand
  • Requirement of good hand-eye coordination
  • Starts easy but does have a high skill ceiling
  • Creative level design
  • Original soundtrack
  • Original graphics
  • Not very buggy

Could improve:

  • Maybe the additions of difficulty?
  • More generosity with the box? (I didn’t find it difficult but I could imagine new players having a hard time
  • Hovercraft could be lighter

OVERALL: 7.9/10


Flowlab Game Creator - Envoy funny speedy soundtrack game!! !! !

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Also played this one and completed it, during the Flowjam. What I have:

Firstly, I wouldn’t say this is biased at all, “oh sup3r won a flowjam so no wonder you’re rating it high”, no, he’s just REALLY good at making games on this platform.


  • SIMPLE controls; only practically need one button to play
  • Technologically impressive; includes a 3D ship player
  • PHENOMENAL original soundtrack from Logan, just keeps breaking out bangers in your games
  • All the graphics are clean, follow a consistent palette, and just look nice
  • Voice acted
  • Can last pretty long
  • Physics based; but makes every mistake feel like the Player’s fault
  • Interesting cover; reminds me of old PS games
  • Features difficulties (diverse ones, too!) and has progression emphasis
  • Several abilities

Could improve:

  • Background is generated by Deepfold; not exactly a flaw at all, plus it’s allowed to be used and is properly credited, however I wonder what it would look like if it were original
  • Logo is somewhat hard to read
  • Fullscreen just doesn’t work



This is really nice!
Im sharing these two games I want feedback on :blush:
No Plan & Operation Delete

Thanks! :star2:


It’s Gamouggin’ time!

This is my first good-ish game.

This game is WIP, but it has a decent amount of campaign.

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Oh wow; five things to review. I’ll try to get around to them throughout the day, if not, definitely when I get home


Due to FL’s scheduled server maintenance tonight, I may only be able to get around to 1-3 games tonight. It’ll happen at 8PM for me.
Sorry in advance. I will still try my best.


I’ve played No Plan in full before, so here’s my review for that game:


  • Simple yet challenging game. Gets straight to the point and keeps you on your toes.
  • Has several minigames
  • Has such a comically concise plot that manages to flow well
  • Very comedic to look at and play; I don’t see enough of that
  • Really beautiful art
  • References to pop culture

Could improve:

  • Lackluster but given it was made in 5 days, I won’t complain.
  • Maybe could be extended?
  • More minigames

OVERALL: 7.2/10


Operation Delete. Interesting game with an interesting name, but I liked it.

Might be a little biased towards 2D shooters. Or not. heehee


  • Theming. Has a flowing theme that somehow pairs so nicely with a top-down shooter. A shooter game about a computer virus sounds so bizarre, and yet he just made it work.
  • Really great sound design
  • Strategy involved and encouraged
  • Non-linear in progression
  • Chill and fitting soundtrack
  • Easy to understand controls

Could improve:

  • Camera feels a little strange
  • Because of the above issue, hard to notice certain elements
  • Some enemy placement is a little harsh, though I digress there

OVERALL: 8.4/10



Err. I might sound a little critical here, no offense at all.


  • Has lots of potential
  • Art is decent
  • Includes pretty fitting music
  • Mechanic heavy

Could improve:

  • Mechanics in this game also seem to be it’s downfall. Nearly every button seems binded to something, and that’s an issue. Try adding button combination functions instead. Also, the popups are closed with a different button each time.
  • AI art. While not necessarily bad, in this game, it just doesn’t work. This game doesn’t really seem to have a consistent artstyle, but I think the AI art is the most responsible for that.
  • Palette is really dull
  • Mixels are present
  • No jumping sound…?
  • Blind jumps
  • Too many meme references

OVERALL: 5.6/10


Vehicle Battlefield!


  • Spritestacked player
  • Pretty good spritework
  • Solid mechanics and goal
  • Large diverse map
  • Sound design is quite good
  • Fitting soundtrack

Could improve:

  • The mouse-aim based movement kind of threw me off at first.
  • It’s easy to get stuck on walls
  • Maybe add texturing to the ground?
  • Artstyle seems a wee bit inconsistent; some things have outlines while others don’t (though I’m a bit of a hypocrite for this) BUT it only seems to apply to interactable objects.

OVERALL: 6.7/10


The Vironia Saga


  • It’s a platformer, a solid one too
  • Interesting character design
  • Attention to direction-specific animations
  • Smooth camera
  • A shooter!

Could improve:

  • Art and animations… do not look very good; but I like the ground tiles
  • Absolutely no sound or music.
  • Enemy AI is awkward
  • Background is a solid color

OVERALL: 5.9/10


I made those :sunglasses:

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Played Bit Spire really really quite recently. Here’s what I’ve got to say.


  • It’s a platformer :3
  • Reminds me a lot of Big Tower Tiny Square; very nostalgic
  • SUPER polished
  • Good music choices
  • Really juicy
  • Has a lot of mechanics and clever challenges
  • Simplistic artstyle but pulls it off so well

Could improve:

  • Base tower is really short, then the path afterwards just doesn’t work
  • Loaded some test level, and while I liked it; I really wish you used a formula similar to your new player, or better yet, used it in the base tower.

OVERALL: 9.2/10, really excited to see where this goes


HelI yeahh


YESSS SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS THIS GAME :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

I absolutely love Context Sensitive’s music, Dani also uses his music haha

Don’t worry, The only path that’s being worked on is the Agility path, and it’s going to take a while :sweat_smile: also, another thing down below :point_down:

The “base” tower is actually the tutorial haha. The agility level gives you boosted speed and jump. Don’t worry, the other paths will have the same code as the agility player, just toned down a bit.

Thanks for the speedy review bro :+1:

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Thanks for the review!

Can you describe this more?

Ok, I’m still working to update all of the art.

Those were by Braden, lol.
Also, the game is still WIP, we haven’t added sound effects yet.

Pretty good, I’d say.