Rise Grand Reveal!

After many months of hard work, Rise is now open to play! Rise features 4 extensive levels! Along with a shop with tons of custom trails and skins! Collect stars to buy skins and trails in the shop. Make sure to have your volume on because if you have a strong computer than the music matches along with the game!
Play Rise now! Play here!

Maintenance Break: 8 pm- 11 pm

Wow! This is a great game!

Amazing job! Congrats :smiley:

Well done, looks good.
The credits dont work and the level select has many empty spots.
Keep it up, this would be a great first finished game.

If you would like some input on the game, I would like to see a progress bar to show where you are in the level. Good luck

@“JR 01” I know the credits don’t work, I haven’t finished them yet.

I agree with @“JR 01”, sense of progression is a really important feature in games.

Thanks for the idea @“JR 01”. I’ve been messing around using the extractor for the progress bar but I can’t figure anything out. Do you have any ideas?

@“Johnny boy”
I think the best way to make a Live Progress Bar is to do similar to how I made the notches in my RGB test. The Expression in the notch is very complicated, but it makes an easy flowing progress bar. I’ll try to explain it the best I can.

RGB test:

The Expression in the notches are (A-B)*(25/14),

But for this, its simply (A-B)*(x)
A is the player location (y in pixels)
B is subtracting the starting location to = 0 (or 0%)

Now here’s the tricky part…
Multiply the input: (A-B) to a fraction to = 100
But how would you now the fraction??

Ok, ok so…
Whats the Starting position of the player (the Y in pixels)?
Whats the position of the finish line (the Y in pixels)?

You have those 2 positions? Great, Now subtract those positions (B-A).
This will be how far away (or distance) these to objects are in pixels (with Y)

Ok, now go to this website (https://www.symbolab.com/)and type:
(distance) * x = 100

After pressing Calculate, it will give you the X value, and its most likely going to be a big fraction.
With that, you can complete the expression I made:


Sorry if it’s a bit much… but
This will give you a live moving Progress Bar to track your character.
0% - 100%

… I can make an example if it helps, but these are numbers you need to know to plug them in…

Ok yeah I kind of get it but can you make an example.

I made an example @“Johnny boy” and I’ll admit,
it was a bit more different that I thought at first.

A progress part is finding the percent of the player completion and then adding its own position to it.
Player Position --> Percent --> Bar Position

My RGB test used Mouse position on the bar because the % value was smaller than pixels.
Mouse Position --> Bar Position

But here you go, A Progress Bar Example.
I also made it Vertical & Horizontal options

Progress Bar Example:

Thank you so much! @“JR 01”

@“JR 01” How do you find the fraction for the player percentage?
Edit: Nevermind I figured it out.

The Progress bar has now been added!

@meburningslime Can you try it out? I would love your opinion!

I will.

So, pretty nice graphics on the main menu. looks pretty nice overall.
My first critique is you should have a nice loading screen. Take Terraria or Mario Maker as inspirations.
Next, the chainsaws in space seem a little strange. If you could make them asteroids and have a trailing effect behind them , thene maybe even make it randomized for size and/or color, that would fit the theme better.

Warning signs before moving objects, sort of like in Jetpack Joyride, would keep the game fair and playable. Also, maybe a highscore, and the more points you get the more stars you get? Another option is that each star is only worth 3 points, but for every star you get in a row, the value goes up by one. So, the first star is 3, second is 4, third is 5, ect.
Finally, add some animations to make it juicy! Use Geometry dash as an example. Whenever a base drops, you know that something really flashy and cool will happen and you will most likely have your guts splattered all over that stupid chainsaw again.
Overall, top-tier performance. I would reccommend making mobile controls then publishing it on Google App Store. Add better graphics and maybe a level editor and you are ready for the big leagues!

Hi probably not but hidden evil stars which when you got close would become red and angy and follow you and could possibly jump other than that maybe giant stars that count a 10 or more star I dont know but good game keep it up

Thank you for the feedback!
I would love anyone to give me feedback!

Level 4 has now been completed!

@grazer and others I would love feedback!