Sans jam - 2 days left!

So, as you can tell, I haven’t been able to do any projects, especially Venture Back, and to be honest, I might never. The 3 main problems are all time related. 1, school is picking up the pace before the school year ends, so I have a hell of a ton of homework. 2nd, currently, I am switching to Unity rn

so I am following a pretty massive tutorial (7 hours lol)

3rd, I am going to be moving in about 10 days, so stressful stuff.

This is, not my final post

I get what you mean. “But aren’t you switching to Unity, and all the crap you told us earlier?”

No, I still want to host game jams here, and one day, I might give grazer those 60 bucks to do a full year of game dev here, but not for a while:(

So, game jam. This one is going to be slightly different. I am going to announce a restriction now, then give a theme when the jam starts. The jam will start on the 16 of july, all the way to the 26, which I specifically chose to end when I am joining another game jam. So, without further ado, what is the restriction?


I know it’s a little small on there, but thats the color palate that you are allowed to use for the art in your game. Enjoy!


This was literally me a year ago, i left for unity, raged at unity, came back, and less raged at flowlab.

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I guess I know what will happen to me next year then!

lol, you thinking about joining? My last sans jams got around 2-3 participants, I hope the summer one does better

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Depends on if I can publish older games, and what the theme is.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sus…

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I have been thinking for a theme, and I have had some really good ones, and some real crap ones
One of the crap ones was backwards, and I feel like that was really limited.

Btw that poll is for if you will participate.

oof I really dum. My iq is somewhere in the double digits XD

Does that mean me next?!

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Yay, another jam :partying_face:
I’m a better with development now!


Hey, I made some concept art using the color palate. This is not to be used though, just some inspiration. This is also only 64x64 pixels

color topdown

See ya,


Hey, I want to mention something about the color palate. This is only to people who use software that support layers or overlays, something like that, like aesprite.

It isn’t as prominent in the inspiration photo, but certain things with the color palate are allowed, while other obscure things are not. In the inspiration photo, I made a second layer, then made it full light blue, then set the layer to .5 opacity. This is completely legal, since you are not changing values in the color. Changing the HSV or RGB is not allowed for obvious reasons. Changing to grey scale is not allowed either, though you can totally start in greyscale, then add color. Here is a representation of the overlay thing:
And here was the grey scale start:

This wasn’t asked by anyone, and I didn’t really need to put this since I don’t think most of you use a art software (unless it is for bigger projects or general longterm projects) but I am dum and might be doing a slight favor to all of you.




Don’t know yet

maybe 99, thats not a bad IQ I guess

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I am adding a bonus restriction. This is completely optional and doesn’t give any extra credit or anything, just from experience, the more restrictions you have, it makes game design easier and less trying to figure out what your trying to do and more thinking how you can make your game better. The bonus restriction is:


You can include the motor behavior into your movement (only in movement) for your game. There probably are some unique ways to use this (mainly in top-down).

I like the movement from my game Dashing (not complete) because I love zooming around at top speed over huge gaps. I also like narrowly avoiding a wall spike from the rolling.




Fauxport uses a motor for movement… too bad I’m not releasing it for a while haha.

Unless… Do you have by any chance discord?

And I just messed up text boxs :frowning:

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Yes, yes i do, why? Don’t know

If I am allowed, I could submit Fauxport for the jam (it’s in early development), it has some playable areas. The only way I’d submit it, is by giving only YOU the link, and later deleting it. Unless, you wanted to be a tester, which I have 2 spots open for still. You must have discord though.

My discord is DinoDev@9016 (i think, let me check real quick to make sure)