Sb:rw Starfest!

I hope you guys look forward to this event.

As per usual, you can play the game here: Flowlab Game Creator - Starblast: Retro Wars


What team are you joining?

  • I am joining team Red!
  • I am joining team Blue!

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is there a way to see who is on the same team as us and how do we get points for our team?

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Your score is added to your team’s total. And at the moment, no. You will have to discuss team allegiance amongst yourselves.


Would it be possible to have every user on the same team?


Yes, but that’s already not going to happen. AND if the team composition is that unbalanced, I’ll reset them


I’m going to be honest, this is a genius way to advertise your game and let me tell you it’s working because even I’m joining this. Any way this sounds fun but how will the score system work, is there like a leader board or something?


Simple, if you have picked an allegiance you will be taken to the event screen instead of the usual results screen (scores are still saved). Once you have visited that screen, your score is then added to your team’s score.


Also I like the game in all but there’s no way for the player to tell what damages them because everything is rainbow, The game is also extremely laggy for some reason and please don’t be one of those people who say “Oh your computer is just junk because it runs perfectly fine for me” because my computer works extremely well and if I can run minecraft in 240 fps and can’t run your game in 30 fps there’s a problem with the game or flowlab not my computer. So stop making my computer fell worthless because he is a very good boy and runs fine. (Also yes I have mental Insanity)

-Note: Don’t take offense to any of this most of this was said to be a joke, although I have had people do the your computer sucks thing in the past before so please don’t do this to me :cry:

Any way yeah but it is just a tad bit laggy and I know my computer works pretty well most of the time. Also just checking do you happen to have the game set to 60fps if you don’t it makes it much smoother, If you do well I’m playing Russian Roulette by myself with a full barrel.

-Another Note: I know this will probably get flagged but all of this is suppose to be humorous and not taken seriously at all (kind of how every one treats me in public) but please don’t flag this post if you have any worries I can always change it myself, I don’t need past events reoccurring for the 5th time (that’s and inside joke me and 2 others will only get). Any way have a blessed day every one and God loves you :pray:



yeah some laptops and computers cannot handle it with certain settings. I found that changing the text display setting on your computer from 125 to 100 usually negates it


Uh, what do you mean by changing the text?

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sometimes windows computers scale things larger than usual by default, which appears to cause rendering issues to flowlab. changing the setting to 100 usually fixes it.

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From this point forward, once you join a team, your vote will be tracked by flowlab now.
As for those of you who already joined a team, your vote will be tracked upon opening the event page.


where do I go to change this?

Oh ok thank you

I am able to join a team rn, but the event doesn’t start until November right?

Starts in november, yes

you have an entire month to join, and an entire month to play.

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Not sure if you already have this in place for when the event begins, but it would be cool to see how many points each person got (Maybe just a simple Leaderboard for the total number of points a single person has gotten during the even)

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not a bad idea. Maybe i will, but I want a way to tell who is on what team

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