Send text to objects through multiplayer (not solved)

I tried the shared block and a message none of them have options to send a text so how?
globals don’t send that through multiplayer data and I can’t get it to work
(@grazer plz add text and list support for shared blocks)

only working way to do it (that I can think of rn) is using the cloud but it takes like 10 sec to send a chat
still need a better way of doing it rn it calls it like 50 times on 1 client and 1 time on the other

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Globals is the only current way.


Forgot to mention that you can also make it so when you send a message saying text1 you can get a text swapping text out, sort of like sending text.

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after a lot of testing, this doesn’t work cause only the 1 players chat activates cause globals won’t send through multiplayer

Shared objects should work.

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i cant share a chat bar then you can delete or change stuff when someone else is typing

It’s still possible, just set a global when someone presses enter that will basically message text to an object that is shared. That object will sort it all out.

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it isn’t sending (i have the chat bar as no multiplayer sending a global and the receiver the chat box which is shared) one client receives it (the one who send it) and the other doesn’t

When you press enter, get the text and send it to the set of a global. this makes the global output, and so the receiver will receive the text.

wdym send it to a set of globals? rn this is the send: (the to number just lets me activate the message)

and the receive:
(I even removed the shared block and nothing happened)

When you set a global, every type of global with that type will output the new value.

yes but it wasn’t on the other client so i added that but nothing happened

That means that the sharing is not working correctly. I’ve never experimented with multiplayer yet so it’d be best to ask JR01 or someone else with experience.

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@JR01 @grazer any ideas?
the chat bar is the sender and has no multiplayer data (i cant share it otherwise you can mess with someone else’s text while their typing)
and the chat box which is shared but rn the only person receiving a message is the sender

Have an unshared object be the type bar for each player. Make it use a global to send text to the shared object text.

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that’s what it’s now doing and its not working

I would use a text list in an unshared object that uses the values from a sync behavior to display text.


The Cloud behavior also works for this, though it’s super slow

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i thought only numbers work in the shared block?

also i did this but it took over 10 sec to send a message and it made a weird loop