Skin ideas for my game Cursed Rift. (Wow, Glizzy, yes now you can vote for the Glizzy skin)

Really neat space adventure game coming out on December 25 as a Christmas gift to

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Are u makin a game about aliens? lol or maybe u need to escape the planet?
or another thought… Maybe ur the alien ahahahaha
goodluck w ur project dude :slight_smile: it sounds exciting

Yeah Im pretty proud of it its going good so far what you guessed sort of close but not all the way keep trying i know you can do it :slight_smile:

Whats even the prize or is this just clickbait. Im just gonna guess that its a space exploration game, with the planet tutorial that grazer posted in the help examples menu. At leasts thats my guess.

I just said is want bro guess again

Any more guesses this is limited time and you dont want to miss the prize

huuuuhhhhhhhhhhh you told me doe

I know i said not to tell anyone so please not

I won’t

Ok Im adding some cool stuff to it ill send you a message and tell you what imma add ok

Im making a new game now called Cursed Rift basically your an alien who is jumping from planet to planet collecting coins trying avoid black holes light holes and asteroids. The main point of the game is to go throughout the galaxy completing All the levels there will be different modes and of course a shop from completing a level you will get a different currency than the basic coins. Basic coins will allow you to unlock new paths and upgrade you skills. The other currency will be to purchase different skins for you character.

Really cool and stuff

it does seem cool and stuff!

Yeah Im planning on adding a lot off features i might post some teasers and trailers in a few months

sounds awesome!

Yeah it pretty good i would love for some ideas

Any one like?

ooh I like

I Hope you not @Ramshacklegamestudios s sister bro