Small Update - more fixes and a behavior update

I just released a small update, mostly fixes:

  • The most obvious update is that Spawn behavior blocks are available in the User Interface layer now.
  • The rest of the changes are stability related: Several crashes and some loading race condition fixes for multiplayer.

Let me know if you have any problems, thanks!

I want to make a game online. but I made a super thing, and it’s not working. I hooked a timer and all sorts of stuff to the emitter that shoots out the super, but it’s not working. is there anything that stops me from being able to emit another player object

my game is called war for peace.

Hey @grazer you should update the spawn behavior kind of like the emit with it spawning it tilted

@“shadow slayer” how do I make an online game?

Well first off, to make a multiplayer game you eed to be a subscriber.
If you are subed, then tell me @nrypsjc

@“nrypsjc”, here is the link to a rough overview of a multiplayer online game.

Hey @“shadow slayer” - post a link to the game in question and I’ll check it out

Hey @“shadow slayer” - only Player objects can emit other Player objects.

my player object that emits it is the main player, I think it is a object.

player object I mean

I have invited you to my team, can you help me? I found out that they are both player objects. is there anything that might still be wrong

okay here it is

how exactly. because I thought I had it

Hey @grazer you should update the spawn behavior kind of like the emit with it spawning it tilted

Hey @grazer I sent a message to you please answer me back

when you press one on the keyboard, you should emit a guy with a staff, wasd to move spacebar to attack. for the little guy arrow keys to move and shift to slice

oh and two on the key board to emit a guy with a gun

I added the two supers I have to the level so you can mess around. or help.

supers only stay for 1 minuet thought got it