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so I have a idea for a new behavior and its called split!

mock up:
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with the split behavior you can take large numbers and somewhere inside it you can split it and get different numbers this means when your trying to make something like a code system where it makes a code which the numbers hold values and this would split them up int there specific category’s so it could receive the code and break it down much easier. I’m probably explaining this poorly or explaining this badly but I think I got the point across

But which split will output, there would be a lot of settings on where and how to split the numbers.

If you just want to split the sequence of numbers in half, I could make a bundle for this actually.
But there are way more options on how break apart a sequence of numbers.

If you want to look more into it, look into the “pop()” folder in the “Expression Code” section of my Bundle Library example. I have just about every way on how to split numbers apart.
The Bundle Library is Here! - JR 01

Edit: I made a split bundle:

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sheesh, bundles are like close or up to a point where there like custom behaviors

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hehe yeahhhhh, I left the bundle for you in the “FC-pop” object in the Bundle Library @GGSTUDIOS.

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