The Bundle Library is Here! - JR 01

The Bundle Library is finally here!

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Access the power here:

The Bundle Library is here with many tools and features that can be found in one spot. Move around the example by using clicks, also making this example Mobile-Friendly. In each section, the bundles are stored in folder objects. Opening these folder objects in the editor will show 2 or more bundles. Any Bundle that is NOT labeled “Folder”, are ready to use and can be copied strait into YOUR game. These Bundles are simplified for better control and easier to use for anyone in Flowlab. This post will be update with the example. These are all free to use, no crediting required.

The Bundle Library includes:

  • User Interface
  • Tools / Behavior Bundles
  • Examples / Object Bundles
  • Expression Code

DO NOT use / copy the “Folder” bundles, for these will ONLY work in the Bundle Library.

Special Thanks for the Bundles, Examples, and the Help I got to make this!

User Interface Bundles:

The User Interface (UI) Bundles have bundles to use for either in the player or as objects in the User Interface layer in the Flowlab editor. All the Folders in this section a clickable, showing an example live on the screen. The Bundles for the “Custom Bar” and 'Hearts" can be found in the folder, and the UI layer with the objects.

This section includes:

  • Several Camera options - to follow the player around the map.
  • Camera affects - Like triggering a “Camera Shake” for bigger impact.
  • Custom Bar - For better and smoother controls over the bar
  • Hearts - Showing a health by using Animations.

Tools / Behavior Bundles

These Bundles are some that I use occasionally myself, and keep in my saved bundles list (as well as the User Interface bundles). These are just some really useful tools that can help you out in a pinch. The examples made from these can be found by Holding Shift + Click. All the Folders in this section a clickable, showing an example live on the screen. Open the editor to find the bundles.

This section includes:

  • Angle-To
  • Distance
  • NameTag
  • Counter
  • Custom Ease ( just Sine for now)
  • Speedometer (any direction)

Example / Object Bundles

These Bundles are more tide to the objects / game itself, instead as a tool that can be used anywhere like in the Tools / Behavior Bundles section. The Bundles here are for specific uses that you wouldn’t really use elsewhere in your games. The bundles are simplified, most of these have instructions, or easy to use inputs / outputs. Clicking these folders will ONLY open the example games that are made with them. The bundles are ready to use in the Flowlab editor.

This section includes:

  • Semi-Solid
  • Homing Missile (< click here for instructions)
  • Checkpoints (3.0)
  • Progress Bar
  • Midnight Light
  • Race Positioning System
  • Offline Time
  • Gun
  • Smoothing Ease

Expressions / Code

These are not bundles…

This is a list of expressions with code in them to do specific things. The code is part of the Haxe language, but knowing the language is NOT required to use these expressions. BUT the basic knowledge of coding in general would help. You can copy/import these expressions to your games, but you will need to adjust what’s in them to work. These folders are only to store the library of code that can be used in expressions, they do nothing when you click on them. Open the folders in the editor to see the expressions.

This section includes:

  • Math() - including pi, Max, Min, Round, Absolute, and Logs.
  • Pop() - Includes every way to separate a sequence of numbers.
  • Count() - Counts how many digits are in a sequence of numbers.
  • Add() - Can add sequences together (1 + 2 = 12).
  • Array() - A way to make a list of numbers, and use them in their order.
  • Time() - Basically like the Calendar and Clock behaviors we have now.

Here’s another link for reading this far:

Have a Request?

Do you have a Bundle, Example, or an Expression Code you would like to add to the library?
Is there something wrong with the library that I could change or fix?
Maybe I have a typo somewhere…

Let me know in the comments below!
I will try my best to respond when I can!


Ok, This Is So Cool, Glag You Took The Time And Effort To Make This :smiley:

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Great Job @JR01 , well done.

I can only imagine how much time and effort you put into this, will be a great help for many.

WHOOP WHOOP :confetti_ball:


Wow, that was really cool


This is great, very helpful.


Gonna look at this when I can, might be useful :slight_smile:


Just wondering @JR01 - why are there two different “screen shake” bundles, and what does either one do specifically? (I’m too afraid to mess with anything lol)

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You can mess with anything @rcreger; just reload if you break something lol,
that’s what Flowlab was made for.

There are 2 Shake bundles because I realized a work around that the problems the first bundle would have. Both will work for what you need, but this will make it easier to understand when to use these.

When to use Screen Shake 1:
Use this bundles when you use the “auto camera” feature inside the camera bundle. This will make the camera control itself, so you would move the camera by using the “move” inputs.


When to use Screen Shake 2:
Use this bundle when you are controlling ever where the camera goes, and not use the “auto camera” feature. This bundle works like a “middle man” for the “set” inputs of the camera. This is also better to use if you use the auto camera bundles in the Library.



Thanks for the reply! I’ll be sure to check out more stuff and to play with a few things!

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I may have added something special in the Distance folder…
as well as a few tweaks to some of the bundles.

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@pixelknife31, just hit the return button,
and please dont spam the mouse click on the menu.

(sigh‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎) I went ahead and fixed it to prevent that, let me know if something like this happens again.
Just reload the page…

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Is wall jumping one you are gonna put?

Or are you doing ones you specifically made

or maybe it is in there I just am too lazy to look…

My goal with the bundle library is to add bundles with little effort into your games. Pizza’s wall jump example is a mechanic that uses several bundles and works with a very few games.

Adding this bundle in late game would need adjustments to raycasts, jump, and abilities would have to be change to fully work as intended. So the game would need to work with the bundles instead of the bundles working with the game.

Maybe I could add something like this in the future, but my library needs to be easy to use and work with any game.

Also no, the bundles in the library doesn’t have to be made by me. Actually many of the bundles weren’t made by me. This is also why there is a " Have a Request?" in the library and in the post.

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I do understand that.

I am using Pizza’s wall jump in one of my side projects (btw, thanks pizza) and it did take a lot of bug fixing for myself to have a workable wall jump. I also get the fact that it is technically 2 different sets of bundles. Both of those make it an inconvenience for your bundle library.

I am loving this bundle library tho. Keep up the good work!


ngl this sounded a little too formal of a comment…


np lol, formal comments are the best comments!

I can use several bundles in the library (for example the checkpoint folder), but the major issue ease of use, especially to late game development.

For example; the bundle already has a run and jump bundle, and thats because it needs to be able to disable all the mechanics in the player for the wall slide to work. So if you already have a run & Jump bundle, you need to figure out how to make it work with the bundles. This also goes with many things for like adjusting the raycast to the height and width of the player and several other adjustments.

I do encourage to use his bundles, but the restrictions it needs are too specific for the library.
Thanks for the suggestion though!