Starblast Finale/Retro Wars - Post Mortem

So, its been quite some time since Starblast Finale was made, and seemingly just as long ago since it was finished. I wanted to start a discussion on how it has aged, and what it’s like from the perspective of players who have not touched it, or have heard of it.

I also wanted some discussion from those who HAVE played it, but not recently.

as usual, you can play it here.


Well, I still remember small parts of my playthrough from reviewing it. I don’t remember very much of the game, to be honest, I just remember that it was one of the most overall well-made and impressive games I ever played on Flowlab, especially visually.

Of course, the overall quality of Flowlab games has increased since then, to the point where just about every game that releases now is to the quality of at least Starblast 3, but for its time I found the game extremely impressive.

Not sure how it’s aged since then. I remember you saying that you took some of the feedback I gave to heart, which I appreciate, but I haven’t really played it since then. Maybe I’ll give it another shot during the summer once I have more free-time


Unrelated to flowlab but you should totally try Starblast 3D Wars if you liked it that much.

And yeah, it seems there’s many high quality games now. To be honest, I would never had expected the huge jump in quality.

Thankfully unlike the older games SBF won’t break from updates due to the update lock feature.