Starblast Finale

this is my last flowlab project. There will be no more games from me in the foreseeable future… Please enjoy it!


trying to think of gamemode #6

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Maybe gamemode 6 can be bosses or chaos mode, like in Starblast 2?

WOW! That is really really fun!

Yeah, this is really fun!
I have a feeling that the “last flowlab project” is an April Fools joke, it just sounds too unbelievable to be true.

I was never a big fan of starblast but this game is a ton of fun.

This is a terrible April Fools Joke CBG - you can’t leave us!


Yeah! @CrimsonBlackGames You can’t leave flowlab, your too important! Your games are so fun!

I wont be leaving flowlab guys. I will gladly stick around and help those who have questions! I just will no longer be making games!

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Okay @CrimsonBlackGames , I have one question to ask: Please tell me how you got that epic rainbow effect. Just show screenshots of code with what the objects are above and then tell me what to chage. That would really help me with one of my games!

wow thats good

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Good game! Reminds me of arcade games next supercuts in the 80’s waiting for my appointment. But better. Very engaging and intuitive. Great pace and challenge.

The game has been mainly finished, I may come up with a few new enemies, but as of right now I can only guarantee a credits page.


so, we got some new content.

The same old SBF you have already played

3 Lives is all you get, so make use of them

Coming soon


Watch out for the big guys, they’ll tear you up!!

I dont know quite yet.

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This game is SO AMAZING, I’m jealous of ur talent, OUTSTANDING WORK fellow game maker!!!

Pacifism and Checkpoint are both finished

Pacifism: You may not have guns, but you’ll find a way

Checkpoint: can you complete all 10 levels?

Game mode 6 is done!

Scorpion! A variant of pacifism!

Alright… so I removed the weapon upgrade system, however…

Hyper states are a fixed pattern of immobile enemies that appear in some modes. When those enemies are wiped out, you will receive a small buff.

@CrimsonBlackGames How did you get that rainbow effect in your game?