Starblast Finale

@“The Kodex” three Sin functions (could also be cosine) set to be equally apart

@CrimsonBlackGames May I just ask how I would use this to adapt it to some of my other games? Though I have found the “Coloured Objects” Object and it’s code, I fail to see how this marvellous set of code was use to transmogrify all of the white objects into the rainbow/multicolour spectrum.

Could maybe tyou explian further how the code works? And also maybe how to use this in other games? Sorry if I may seem like an annoyance but I am intriged by the code.

Well, the code detects the X position which then adds an “offset” to the sin values, so thats how the colors show when they first start, but every other frame the player ship sends a message ‘tick’ to all colored objects. @“The Kodex”

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We got more music now bros!

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ayyy @CrimsonBlackGames , music be gud

Thanks. Be sure to check out the artist. Hes really cool

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New enemies- Spinner, Weaver, and Mutator

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Hey @CrimsonBlackGames that’s perfect-I just came out with my Finale for flowlab as well! I will still be an active member, however. Check out The Final Quest and let me know if you accept that challenge please!

@“The Kodex” i got a treat for you. I refined the color coding to not only work more smoothly, display secondary colors, but its now completely customizable! You can change how quickly colors are spread out, AND you can change how quickly they change

@CrimsonBlackGames that’s epic! Well done

@CrimsonBlackGames Thank you so much! It means a lot that you tagged me. This is a treat! For my upcoming Game the retroscape, this really helps! Thank You!

I was hoping to use the ship or protagonist in Starblast finale in the Ultimate Flowlab crossover. Is that Okay?

sure, why not?

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well this thread got buried quickly.

I further fine-tuned the rainbow gradient.
additionally, sound effects have been added to pacifism, the minimum intensity value for scorpion has gone down to 2- expect a ridiculous enemy count. I changed out some of the effects to make the visuals more appealing. That’s about it!

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Hell yes @CrimsonBlackGames ! Your code has helped me a lot, I’ll make sure to have you mentioned!

I honestly like mortality, but its too easy. I made it to 163 trillion

as a result I plan on dropping the minimum intensity value for the mode down to 3. I also intend to make extra lives rewarded less often

@CrimsonBlackGames A suggestion is a “how to play” option, where it breaks down everything in the game. For example, all the game modes, Controls, intensity… Ect…

Correct me if I’m wrong sorry if you have already done this

@“The Kodex” I don’t really see that as too necessary. There’s no penalty for playing a quick game and learning the controls

@Superstargames I have to agree with @“The Kodex” here. All of your games are great but extremely confusing for about the first two hours.

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Wrong person @“meburningslime”. But yeah, I agree with both of you since the first time I played the game, I didn’t even know that you could dash and drift, and I never found use for the drift function.

Im working on optimizing my game to allow mobile gameplay, so comment if you want me to put the game on mobile.

Anyways, I made the title screen a little less static, its completely cosmetic but it should be something to look at between games.

Additionally, I may be shortening deadline to 3 minutes instead of 5, scores may or may not be reset. Not sure if I want to go that route.

Stay frosty, friends.