Sunfall - A prototype in development

Whaaat? I’ve actually been making games and not just sitting on my butt? Crazy.

Hellow, I accidentally put a “w” at the end of “hello” and now I’m keeping it.
Over the past few months or so I’ve been working on a small project that I like to call Sunfall.

Sunfall is a card-based gardening game about preventing the sun from exploding.
You plant flowers that steal energy from the sun, these flowers also have unique traits that will help you along the way.

The game isn’t supposed to be hard or difficult at all, like C:W, Sunfall is just supposed to be a calm game.

At the time of this post, the game’s still in a prototype phase, and some of the mechanics haven’t been made yet. The point of me posting this now is that I want people to try and find major bugs that could mess things up.

Use QWAS to move the selector and E to play cards when you select them, which you can do by clicking the cards. You can click on the calendar to move on to the next turn, you have three “in hand cards” and one “daily card”, if you have less than 3 cards in your hand, your daily card will be added to your hand. Cards 1-10 are flower cards and 11 is a water card, and the flowers don’t do anything yet.

In the following couple of weeks, I’ll be updating and making changes so please come back once in a while to test out new features. If you have any questions please do feel free to ask.

Thank you for everyone’s support, your time is very much appreciated.



Holy Cow! Ping me for updates dude!


Fun but you might want to add how to play to the description also can u ping me for updates?


it looks really good!
it took me a couple minutes figuring out the right directions for moving the selection thing lol


This is a great start! The art is top notch.

Highly reccomend adding a tutorial to the game desc for testing. good luck on the project!


praise the sun

(nice game)

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I’ve been waiting so long.

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It’s been a week so I’ll pop in to say that I’ve made a few changes to how the code works, and I also made a few changes to the water cards so that they actually do stuff.
The deadline for this project is pretty soon, so I’m mainly focusing on making sure the things I want are in the game.
This is the part where I ask you to give me a few minutes of your time and playtest the game, I haven’t gotten around to doing much of it. So if you do find any bugs, it would be greatly appreciated if you were to share them.

Once again, thank you to everyone. All of your comments have been really supportive and it’s nice to see that at least a few people are looking forward to Sunfall, so thanks!

@Raidic @PhantomWolfMoon

Oh, also, for those interested, here are the current ideas for the “unique traits” that the flowers have and then the notes I made for new mechanics.

Nymphaeaceae/Water lily
Symbolism: longevity
Water every plant next to it every turn. (8x8 area)

Lycoris/Red spider lily
Symbolism: Death
Must be planted on an existing flower, then kill the flower and grow a chrysanthemum. No watter required

Myosotis/Forget Me Not
Symbolism: Remembrance
When it dies the card is placed into your hand (can occur once per flower) If you have a full hand then it will replace the next card that appears.

Symbolism: Strength
When a flower, excluding itself, dies, it instead lives for one more turn. The effect only happens when the flower is within a diamond-shaped area.

Symbolism: Modesty
They take no more than they need. Have a chance to grow with less water than required.

Symbolism: Family
The bonds between them strengthen them. Their lifespan increases by 1 per additional flower of the same type.

Hoya/Wax Plant
Symbolism: Protection
Shields seeds from birds.

Symbolism: New beginnings
The start of every day is a new beginning. At the beginning of each turn, reset the sun’s heat.

Symbolism: Love
Love is beautiful, undying love is scary. The flower will select a random flower, excluding themselves, and boost their lifespan, but when the selected flower dies, it also dies.

Gazania/Treasure Flower
Symbolism: Wealth
How greedy. The more water you give it, its lifespan will increase.

Heat will build up over time, the more heat there is the more energy will be outputted.

Each flower will have a lifespan, once their lifespan is up they die.

After 20 days, introduce the bird that will eat a random seed that is on the field.

Every 10 days, a new card is unlocked. (start with 2 cards)


So I’m not sure how much you have added yet, but It seems like the cards don’t do much. I’m also pretty sure you can only use the water cards (11 I think) on pots that don’t have a seed in it.


Yep, guess I should have clarified that.
Cards 1-10 currently don’t do anything except stopping the player from playing more cards in the pot.
I just got in and hopefully fixed the problem so that you can play water cards on normal cards, thanks for reporting that!


@DraftyScienceCoat75 this is cool but whats the point?

Good question!
@DraftyScienceCoat75, what is the purpose of all this?


well I’m obviously still working on it, it’s not really playable yet


Quite interesting, can’t wait for the next update that you’ll be making! Really looking forward to your game! Good luck! ~ ( ̄▽ ̄ ~)


Thank you! I’m working very hard, can’t wait to show the next thing I add. :kissing_heart:


Just got done doing a small update.
Cards will now work, if you plant a card (1-10) it’ll plant a seed. Adding water (card 11) will water it which allows it to move on to the next stage of growth.
Stage 0 is the seed, nothing will happen if you don’t water it.
Stage 1 is when the plant is at its weakest, it needs to be watered the round it grows on, or else it’ll die.
Stage 2 allows the plant to live for 3 days before dying of thirst.
Stage 3 is the max, you can’t water it anymore and it’ll die after 10 days.

@Raidic @PhantomWolfMoon


Nice progress! I tried playing it, but I had some trouble playing the cards. I was able to plant a seed and grow it to the third stage, but after I planted a second seed I couldn’t play any cards


Could you clarify that?
Were you not able to click on the card and select it or did pressing E not play the card?
Also, could you tell me how you were able to get it to happen?

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pressing E did not play the card. I’m not sure the exact thing I did to get there, I’ll try recreating it

Edit: Also heres a small layering issue I think