Super Blocky Racing "Demo"

Demo for Super Blocky Racing, its not the actual game, its just a “play around” game to give a image of what the actual game will look like.

(unfinished “demo”)

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This is really cool! The movement is fluid and the atmosphere is spot on. Good job on the flipping animation too!

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Thanks! But, it’s not finished, so it can surprise you even more! :smiley:

And i can let you know when im finished with the full Demo. :slight_smile:

Sure! Good luck on it until then!

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I’m currently on mobile so I can’t play it now, but when I get on my iPad or computer I’ll be sure to give this one a try. Can’t wait to play it, I’ve been bored out of my mind the last week so this gives me something to look forward too.

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Cpu’s have been added.

@Caden9 im mostly sure im finished now :slight_smile:

Cool! Now I’m racing other cubes.

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Ok, so I got second to last place and it still said I won. Is this an error or is it supposed to happen?

no, itf you get 1st to 3rd, you win, anything lower, you lose :slight_smile:

I just tried this out - it’s pretty fun!

Thanks! but its gonna be way more fun when i add all 18 or 17, whatever number it is, power-ups!

Very fun i love racing games this one is one of the best

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Thank you! :smiley:

No problem but i do have an idea wanna hear it?


if anyone has any suggestions, you can tell me :slight_smile:

I Found A Bug!

Rarely Blocky Never Tilts Back To His Original Position, After Hitting A Jump Thing Whatever Its Called
I Only Played Mario Kart Wii When I Was 6-8.

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there are now 11 cpus, now you can see what place your in.

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