Sword Volleyball

rq patch:
fixed bug where you would stay stunned during your serve after getting scored on
increased stun time from 1.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds

i want stuns to force you to send an easy ball over :+1:

play the bot! it’s the best ai on flowlab, and ik you want proof!

link in this message :point_up:

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Does the bot get stunned too? (I’m on mobile right now so I can’t test)
I sure hope so, so that it remains fair

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yeah ofc, u can see him get stunned in the video

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v1.11 update:


  • indicator that shows the x value of the ball when it’s above the screen
  • thicker particle trail for stun hits
    ai changes:
  • ai should be better at hitting the ball over the net when their set is going forwards
  • ai should be slightly better at blocking / saving the ball nearby their net
  • ai is slightly smarter when stunned by a hit and tries to pop the ball up more
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Version 1.2 is out!

New features:

Speed for hitting a stun hit reduced by 2%

Better explosion effects, effect also happens when you touch a ball moving super fast

When you hit the ball super f*cking fast (like so fast it’s nearly impossible to do consistently) instead of the purple effect you get a golden effect (shown below), just a visual change but it looks cool af

16 new achievements!

  • Achievements for scoring a perfect hit of speeds 65, 70, 75, and 80
  • Achievements for scoring different serves, starting at just an ace but the most difficult one requires you to hit a golden serve and ace the ai without the ai even touching it
  • Achievements for beating the ai by lots of points or just beating him in general
  • Hidden Achievements that you get for some things, ranging in difficulty from just saving a stun hit to saving a ball that is way out of bounds

Ai Changes:

  • ai holds block formation for longer, so he should be blocking the ball more
  • ai pulls back more for hits where the set is moving quickly left
  • ai uses a slightly different formula for rotating for saving the ball so he should be more consistent

noticed not as many people play this game anymore

  • game is too hard (ai needs an easier version)
  • game is too hard to learn (needs a tutorial and training)
  • i don’t enjoy this genre of games
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eventually i’mma add all of these things but i need to know which is most important to do first

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I still play it quite often. And please don’t make the Ai easier, that wouldn’t be as fun.

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Haven’t gotten around it mostly, been busy lately on a lot of school work and other stuff

i’m most likely just going to make a version of the bot that doesn’t hit so you can train without having to play defense very much

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video of new update


Very Cool!