Sword Volleyball


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alr i added 3 touch max and made serves 1 touch

some ai adjustments bc i need it to be more consistent now, leaderboard is reset

try beating him now


17-19 lol

Finally won by bare minimum after many many tries


Does your score reset after a while?:
image = New Score
image = Old Score
I could have sworn I used to have a score of 5.


why didnt i get 11 on the leaderboard tho?
wait can you not go into the editor a single time to restart the round? :frowning:

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yo wth im addicted now
Screenshot 2023-12-02 124147


I think the leaderboard takes a sec to update

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WTH! @gamerztrio, that’s insane! Good job!

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My strat is too watch the AI’s moves and learn them and sometimes use them for myself.

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he can move again now

Redid movement algorithm, more accurate movement
Fixed most of the inconsistencies with the bot with the movement fix
Redid his hitting math and he got very very consistent
Bc he got consistent within a range, he now has rng for the first time in months, making his hits a bit random
He LOVES breaking my game apparently, he found a way to heavily accelerate the ball when going for a low ball and it’s hard to save and within the controls somehow
He goes for low bal-s a lot more accurately now
MUCH better challenges

Serves are different, more like they are irl
Different hit noises for faster hits
New practice mode: Post flings (i’ll make a video on how to do them cus they took me 4 months to discover and su-k to learn)
Flowlab labels still break if you give 0 alpha on first frame so i removed a lot of labels and or fixed them
Training doesn’t count towards leaderboard (bug fix)

@grazer bro i can’t say su-k (as in hard or bad to learn) or bal-s (as in a volley ball) pls fix


it actually took me 3 tries to win 11-0 this time, usually he has a weakness i abuse to easily win 11-0

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I just opened the game and the ball is starting out just bouncing straight up and down on the net

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the game starts like that, it’s how i wanted it to be fair

the ai does that bc at exactly the middle of the map he doesn’t know what to do; HOWEVER, it honestly works, he often gains possession off the start and i usually can’t score on it

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Oh ok, that makes sense then

little fix, bot now sets the ball twice if he has an extra hit, so he’s got much better offense
i’m planning on porting this game to 60 fps code cus it’s so much smoother but the physics break when you do it so it’s going to take a while

also no one besides me and my friend have beaten the current bot, so see if you have what it takes to be the only person without tons of experience to beat him

going to be adding a new rule as well:
you won’t be able to touch the top of the post, if you do you won’t be able to score on the rally, but your opponent can still score so you have to still play, also, after 1 person touches the top of the post both players can touch it for the rest of the rally without a penalty, this way post flings still are part of the game and less risks need to be taken, resulting in a higher skill ceiling

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added the new rule for posts, don’t touch them or you won’t be able to gain a point (but you will get to serve), you can see who won’t get a point from the rally based on the color of the post


also the bot is finally at a stable state, nearly perfect at everything (but touches) that it needs to be, so i’m officially calling this the first “finished” not beta version of the bot, v1.0.


game is ported to 60 fps, physics are slightly different in 60fps, so i had to change a lot of physics code, bumps are way stronger for some reason

i need some of y’all to tell me if it’s better on 60 fps or if it should go back to 30 fps, i have a ton of experience on 30 fps so i’m probably just struggling switching, or it’s just less fun on 60 fps


Yeah. I was forced to keep some of my games at 30 because my code only runs on it.

I can test it! Be back in a bit.

Got a new high score! -7!
Anyways, the movement seems fine. The volleyball’s trail is smoother, due to 60fps.

I think you should keep it at 60.

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