Taile Gamougg 1 Devlog (remake)

Thank you so much… This is the Jiggliest compliment I have ever received of all time… I will remember this moment! /srs
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Reminder that this game comes out October 31st

Taile Gamougg 1 will release on Halloween day… Or night! :bat: :smiling_imp: :skull: (someone please add it to the title, thank you in advance)

Edit: Thank you Teaslee!
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Updates Octobruh twenty-seven

  • Added some new blocks I think
  • Added new jiggly enemy, approved by the Jiggler
  • swear words
  • Multiple boss attacks and bug fixes
  • Level 3 fully completed (1 & 2 as well)



Now making animations, adding last dialogues, and building last levels.

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Final day of updates. The end is coming.

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Updates 10/30/2023

This is the LARGEST UPDATE YET! And the last one before release. I will ping everyone on release day, but only the “all update ping” people will be pinged today. This is to minimize pinging users. Game will be out tomorrow for everyone.

For your information:
  • There are a few BAD WORDS in this game :scream_cat: :scream:!! Only the bad guys say them though.
  • Pumpkin Core might not be in the final game due to me not having enough time.
  • The classic and anniversary versions of this game are no longer supported. They are no longer canon either.

Ok now on to the actual updates:

  • Added changing facial expressions to some character dialogues (I don’t think anyone has done this in their game’s portraits before).
  • Updated menu button juice!
  • Added a bunch of achievements for enemies, bosses, and more
  • Added the Fodder Spawner-- a rotating red cube that automatically spawns low-level enemies every select duration.
  • Added and placed Hazard Blasters-- a block that flashes red and then shoots a laser every couple of seconds; that comes in both left and right facing variants.
  • Made it so that black hazard spikes deal more damage.
  • Added two new weapons: one that you get in level 3, and another that you get after the third boss fight.
  • Added second boss fight and dialogue, plus the key dropping enemy and a fully functional, coded, parent-and-child-object-feature-using locked door and key system for boss fights (only one boss uses this system so far).
  • Added third boss and the Sup3rion enemies.
  • Added story synopsis to and updated the description.
  • Added last being shard.
  • Did probably 24 hours of playtesting!
  • Added final boss, and finished the last levels.
  • Added diagonal spike row (rotated with behaviors)
  • Added car

This game’s code uses a lot of bundles.

TG1R bundle screenshots

fig 1

just to show a few

Just another epic coding

I made a really cool bundle you can use in your games if you want to make a death animation without animations or sprites (it only uses behaviors). I may make an example for it soon.
SpinOutBehaviorDeathAnim bundle by John Shrekinson

Ease settings that I almost forgot, sorry

Ease behavior settings for the SpinOutBehaviorDeathAnim bundle by John Shrekinson


TG1R loading screen
Gamougg 1 ezgif.com-resize (1)

Pings (sorry I forgot earlier): @Hong_Jooni_Pooni @paisleypug @hi4250five

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Unfortunately there is a small delay because of my need to sleep. Anyway I just gotta add these things:

  • Final level construction (currently about 70% done)
  • Final boss
  • Final level dialogue
  • Some sort of ending to the game
  • And maybe credits

I can still release the game today, yeah, I totally can…
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Anyway here is today’s update:
The Italian Job

Okay, I did that now

Level lives up to its apt name. Thanks a lot dude! Like, this is seriously a good idea.

Image to show my excitement for the remake release



:smiley: :smile: :blush: :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :cool:

(helmet set coming soon)


The game will be released today, before trick-or treat time I hope, immediately once the final battle/level is in a fully playable state. If you have any questions feel free to ask (or ask later after release if you want to play first)


That post goes so much harder with the Gangster Spongebob pfp

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Yeah it’s tough doing this with my homework

Taile Gamougg 1 lore

Frederick Von Fitzgerald Fazbearington


Although the financially successful entertainment media series of “video games” known as Five Night’s [Spent] at Freddy’s [Pizza] would not be introduced to the celestial object known as “Earth” and its bipedal inhabitants until the “year” (unit of time) humans call “2014”, a time traveler from the year “2023” sneakily performed an act known to modern humans as “trolling”, and placed a stolen banner for the highly anticipated live-action Hollywood film adaptation of the aforementioned “video game” featuring the the titular character in all his glory on the main castle used by a notorious gangster named [REDACTED].

Taile Gamougg 1 is officially out!

You know what guys? I think I’m just gonna release the game anyway and give in. Pretend that level 6 doesn’t exist! (I’m still working on it sorry.)

Pings: @ManiacPumpkin @BradenS @JUSTPLAINOP @Jefferson-Bobby @Flying_Fajita @TeardropStudio @paisleypug @Hong_Jooni_Pooni @hi4250five

Premature release so that everyone can play on this special day. Cheerio!


How do you even get past the first jump on the first level? I literally can’t go past the lava and the character don’t seem to jump far enough. Unless there’s some abnormal key for a double jump or some sort of hover ability, the game is unplayable currently.


You’re supposed to go under. You have no way of knowing this unless you randomly fall down there.

You have a dash on SHIFT as well.


I fell down several times and there was no indication of going underneath. Or at least I didn’t see a platform or nothing.

It seems like a very complicated obstacle for the first level.


You drop down where the arrow tells you to, do some platforming, then travel through a castle to reach the final stretch of platforming.

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