Taile Gamougg 5 Production

When should this game come out?

  • Start of 2025 (so you can celebrate all year!)
  • November 12th 2025 (series anniversary date)
  • Other (tell me below)

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When it’s finished.


I now use larger blocks like extrez does in TSOA. I’m making the first level but I’m having difficulty drawing a ranch in a platformer perspective.

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i’ve got a question about lore, are skeletons created from tombstones that don’t say rest in piece, or are they their own separate species from humans? oh, and another thing, which body parts does a skeleton need to survive, and can their body parts be reattached?


Sorry for the late response, my laptop died and I couldn’t charge it until I got home. I just saw your post 8 minutes after you posted it and almost finished typing this post until the battery died.

Q & A

Taile Gamougg Lore

No. Skeletons used to be human and technically still are, but if they aren’t told to rest in peace or their tombstone doesn’t have that on it, they will return to life as a skeleton.

A skeleton mostly only needs the head to survive and their body parts can be reattached. Here are some excerpts from the Gamougg 4 official novel:


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The assignment is due on Monday. But I am ready. Today I did these things:

  • Animated boss completely
  • Finished opening cutscene

Tomorrow I will draw more.

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