Taile Gamougg: Ligma (retro [arcade] spinoff)

Taile Gamougg: Ligma is a retro (arcade) game featuring grid-based movement, navigation puzzles, and bizarre, partially non-violent combat.

This potentially epic game also marks the first time John Shrekinson (me) has EVER made movement animations for the player (excluding examples with default sprites).

It features:
  • Boss battle(s)
  • 3 hidden easter eggs!
  • New game mechanics
  • Tutorial
  • Forge (make your own custom levels!)
  • Player movement animations



Ligma Updates April 22nd, 2022

  • You can now destroy the boss’ shadows.
  • You can now hold down the movement keys in any direction to move continuously.
  • Updated the Interactor Rifle sprite.
  • Replaced Noob Saibot with Pro Gabrielfo
  • Updated level 5 map design

  • Added a new Easter egg.
  • Updated the game’s cover art with Pro Gabrielfo instead of Noob Saibot:

It wont take me to the next level :(

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What do you mean? Oh yeah, you have to use the Interactor Rifle to interact with things (hence the name). I got the idea for this gun after realizing that the grid-based movement example won’t let the player touch the next-level blocks. Also you kinda have to exploit the dash mechanics to beat level 2.

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Ligma Updates June 12th, 2022

MetaNinja just reviewed game approximately 18 hours before this post. New updates are currently underway.

  • Editor Easter Egg Guide (only the Easter Eggs found in the game editor)


  • Updated Next Level block to look like a door (and gave it animations)
  • Replaced the text “Boss HP” with “Pro Gabrielfo HP”
  • Added footstep sounds for Gamougg
  • Added enemies
  • Added weapon skins
  • Player is now set to Keep Between Levels
  • Added damage animations and death animations
  • Added more of the hazards and overall made the whole game harder
    There are two enemy classes: Enemy and Minion. Enemies have 6 health and Minions have 3 health. Minions can only be summoned by bosses, while Enemies are placed on the map by default.