Tattletail remake Dev Team!

Who want to remake Tattletail with me!!!

Indie people make a dev team for the tattletail remake and invite me then we can start!!!

ManiacPumpkin Will Invite you!


That’s sounds like a pretty good idea. Although how exactly do you plan on doing something like that? A top down game or platformer?

a platformer have ya heard of Mr.Hopps Playhouse?

Oh, yeah. I figured that you would have to do something similar to Mr. Hopps since its a more 3-D looking platformer. Which wouldn’t be that hard to make, mainly its just pixel art based.

Yes it will be like Mr.Hopps playhouse but i need a indie user to make it and invite meh to the dev team so i would have people to help me

You could give me the names of everyone who wants to be apart of it and I could make the game for you. Although I probably won’t be able to help much except the levels and the amount of objects, but that’s about all.

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Sure!!! Lets do it!!!

Thank you very much!

is there a way for the host of the dev team to allow the others to have a specific amount of items maybe?

(asking this because i have free)

I don’t think, question your name is just 8-bit_studio right?

But whatever blocks I place (that go over 50) is fair game. You can still use them.

No its called 8-bit Studio (no underscore)

thats whats my name is

Oh i accepted it yay

You need to add the game to it first

There we go, sorry. I am currently in Chemistry so I was a bit busy. There you should be able to access the game know. Also let me know if there is anyone that you want to add.


You added lots of levels thanks!!!

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I made a Team Discussion message go look in your messages

Too late, lol. (20 characters)

i cant wait for this to be finished.

you definitely have to have the tattletail jumpscare!!!