Thank you everyone who played my game

I do need a few tips on how to fix infinite jumping, a sort of stamina/mana system, and how to make level 2 easier. I would greatly appreciate it >_<. here is the link,

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I’ll think about it, I’ll inform you when I find the best way to do it (and motivated enough to type)

lol okay thank you for this and take your time no rush BTW I am on a free account so I can’t do much.

One way to make the second level easier is to use a better homing ai for the projectiles, such as in JR01’s homing rocket example. Another way is to replace the projectiles with a deathwall instead, I can possibly help with that one

well which one would you recommend?

Try them both and see which is easier, I personally think a wall would look better given the layout of the map

ok thank you for your time could you also show me the homing rocket by JR01 please

Go find the thread where JR01 posted his example collection, it is somewhere in there

The Bundle Library is Here! - JR 01
there it is

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thank you do you have any ideas on how to make infinite jumping not exist

If its a normal jump, I suggest to use a raycast.

can you show or tell me how to do that I’m not familiar with raycast @JR_01?

Do you know default run&jump bundle that you can use? If your using that, you can delete the collision behavior and add a raycast behavior. Set the angle to 90 and the length to 16. Add an Always behavior that goes into the raycast.

You can also look at the jump bundle in the player in my Example about Raycasts:

this is what i have so I don’t have a collision behavior so what do I do?

The collision behavior is the one named “collision”…
It’s the third one down on the left…

Replace it with a Raycast behavior.

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