The Battle Doge behaviors and code

This is for my game called The Battle Doge, if you’ve ever played The Battle Cats you should know theres a money counter in the corner of the screen and every unit has a specific cost (For example Basic cats cost for chapter 1 of empire of cats is 50 cat cents.) I’m trying to incorporate that into The Battle Doge, but i don’t know how. Can anyone help me with that. I also need a cooldown for the Doge unit that way players don’t go wild with it.

Have you tried using filters?
The cost of the item can be set inside the filter. And use the value input for your amount of money.

Sorry it took so long for my reply could you please elaborate on your solution. Can you give me a step by step explanation.

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No problem!
I will try to give you an example game.

Here you go:

Sorry it took so long for my reply again when i open the page it says “Sorry, the page you were looking for doesn’t exist.” What happened?

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Sorry, the game is private, let me fix it…

Here you go; (Again :slight_smile: )

Also the game is a work in proggress. The behaviors is in the tank buy block.

That’s way to confusing for my brain to handle can you dumb it down. And check out The Battle Doge (If you haven’t already) to see what i want help with. I’m not being rude.

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Let me see if I can get you an eisier example game. :slight_smile:

Here you go! Hope this helps!

I don’t understand how this is going to spawn doges if i have enough money.

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Hook up the spawner to the pass in the filter.

It works now thank you. :grinning: :grin:

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No problem! Let me know if there is anyting else you need!

How do I make the money stop when it reaches 100?

I will get you a screenshot.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 3.26.43 PM

It’s not working, it just keeps going past 100.